Reasons To Believe is a series of presentations aimed at addressing common “Faith Blockers”. It seeks to provide answers to some of the most common questions and objections that prevent people from exercising faith in the God of the Bible. The course is specifically targeted at enquirers and those who have questions about Christianity, but it is equally valuable in strengthening the faith of those who are already committed Christians.


RTB1: Is There Life After Death?

RTB2: Evidence For God’s Existence

RTB3: Has Evolution Disproved God?

RTB4: What’s The Big Deal About Jesus?

RTB5: The Problem Of Suffering

RTB6: Other Religions



Instructions For Downloading PowerPoint Presentations: Click the PowerPoint link, then click the “Open” drop down box at the top right of the screen and select “Open in PowerPoint Online” or “Open In PowerPoint”. When the presentation is opened, click the “Notes” tab at the bottom right of screen. This will open the Presenter Notes, which provide a detailed explanation of each slide. Some slides also have embedded video content, which can be viewed via the standard “play” button or by clicking the image.