APOLOGETICS – Philosophical Arguments

APOLOGETICS – Philosophical Arguments

In popular media there is an almost universal presupposition that science in general, and the theory of evolution in particular, has somehow disproved the basic tenets of the Christian faith. This is not the case at all. Many scientific discoveries in recent decades in the areas of cosmology, genetics, biology and paleontology have resulted in the retraction of many previously championed arguments and evidences used to support evolutionary theory. At the same time, the concept of a theistic first cause for the universe has enjoyed a revival, as many of the world’s leading scientists have grappled with the impossibility of the universe springing into existence of its own accord.

The first PowerPoint presentation, AP1A Apologetics Introduction, introduces the topic of Apologetics generally and also points to the turning tide in the ongoing debate between theism and atheism.

The second PowerPoint presentation, AP1B Philosophical Arguments,  outlines some of the main philosophical arguments that point to a theistic first cause for the universe. Some people may find these arguments very abstract and difficult to comprehend. If so, don’t worry! Just move on to some of the less abstract topics offered on SmartFaith.net.


Power Point Presentations:

AP1A  Apologetics Introduction (.ppx)

AP1B  Philosophical Arguments (.ppx)

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