After 31 years as a church pastor and a Christian educator, I am now a full-time speaker and author, conducting regular training seminars in Apologetics, Philosophy and Theology, as well as preaching  in various churches around the country.

The purpose of this website is to make available information and resources to assist in the development of an intellectually robust, informed faith. Church services, due to their various constraints and limitations, do not lend themselves to a comprehensive discussion of anything beyond rudimentary topics. Yet I am increasingly aware of a hunger among many Christians for more than just the basics. The books, podcasts, documents and other resources on this website seek to promote a more informed understanding regarding many of the more complex issues of apologetics, theology, ethics and philosophy.

Some of the topics covered on this website incorporate a significant amount of scientific data. Science and faith are by no means contradictory. In fact, science is simply mankind’s study of God’s creation. The study of science and philosophy has been a great passion of mine for decades, and I am convinced that a true understanding of the physical and philosophical sciences supports, rather than contradicts, the teachings of the Christian faith.

I am an evangelical Christian. I believe that the Bible is God’s inspired Word, inerrant in all matters of faith. I adhere to a literal interpretation of the historical narrative of the Bible, and affirm my belief in the immutable, authoritative, inspired nature of its New Covenantal teachings.

Finding God When He Seems To Be Hiding“, examines the 12 most common questions and objections raised against Christianity. It provides detailed responses that move beyond the standard, glib answers that are often proposed, and addresses these issues with clarity and insight. It is an excellent book to give to seekers and sceptics, as well as a valuable resource for your own understanding. The book can also be used as a study book for Home Bible Study groups, with reflection questions at the end of each chapter.

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Making Sense of the Bible will change the way you read the Bible! It will open your eyes to the remarkable journey of the Bible, from original text to modern translation, and will assist you to develop a more mature, complex understanding of the nature of its divine inspiration. It examines the many complex cultural and contextual issues, such as the difference between the two covenants and the nature of progressive revelation, which need to be understood in order to accurately apply the Bible’s message. What sets “Making Sense Of The Bible” apart from similar books is its intensely practical nature. Commonly misinterpreted doctrines are explored in detail, and important principles of interpretation are applied. A large range of key biblical doctrines are examined in detail.This book is a must for ordinary Bible readers and serious students alike!

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