MOBI eBOOK: Making Sense of the Bible (for KINDLE)


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MOBI EBOOK: Making Sense of the Bible:

“Surprising Insights That Will Change Your Perspective”

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This book will change the way you read the Bible! It will open your eyes to the many complexities of this ancient work of literature and enable you to apply its message accurately and intelligently.

Making Sense of the Bible” will take you on a fascinating journey of discovery. It explores the Bible’s remarkable development, from original text to modern translation, and will assist you to develop a deeper appreciation of its divine inspiration. It examines the many complex cultural and contextual issues, such as the difference between the two covenants, the nature of progressive revelation and the centrality of Christ for interpreting the whole Bible – all of which need to be understood in order to properly understand the Bible’s message.

What sets “Making Sense of the Bible” apart from similar books, is its intensely practical nature. Commonly misinterpreted doctrines are explored in detail, and important principles of interpretation are applied. This book is a must for ordinary Bible readers and serious students alike!

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