The Little Book of Church Leadership

“The Little Book of Church leadership” highlights a crisis of leadership within the modern church; not an absence of leadership, but a proliferation of the wrong kind of leadership. The modern church has departed from the collaborative leadership principles of the New Testament and has adopted a secular business model that is undermining the very essence of what it means to be God’s people. The contemporary emphasis upon the paid minister as the vision-casting leader and entrepreneurial professional is a far cry from the kind of pastoral leadership that was instigated and modelled by the first century church. This book points us back to the New Testament principles of collaborative church leadership and mutual accountability that were set in place in the very beginning and which are God’s continued design for His people today.

This is a little book with BIG ideas. It calls the church to radically re-think the roles of clergy and laity and return to the biblical principles laid down by the New Testament church. It calls for a culture shift that will not be easy. Are you ready to be challenged?

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