Loving Like Jesus

Loving Like Jesus addresses the serious image problem that now confronts the contemporary church. Put simply, the world doesn’t like us much anymore. Christians are largely perceived as being narrow-minded, judgmental and hypocritical. Loving Like Jesus is an urgent call for the church to recapture the love of Jesus as its central characteristic and proclaim the grace of Jesus as its core message. The book examines the radical nature of Jesus’ love and explores how Christians can walk the difficult tightrope of loving like Jesus without compromising truth. This is an urgent issue, because unless today’s church can learn from its mistakes it will become increasingly irrelevant and unattractive to an ideologically progressive society. Loving Like Jesus includes a 10-week study guide for small groups.

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  1. Great explanation Kevin. As far as the 2 Tim 3:16 verse goes, let us remember that Paul wrote this as he faced his execution in a Roman gaol. It was one of his last statements to his mentee, Timothy. He would hardly have written this as a final statement if he was not absolutely sure of it.

  2. Definitely. The apostles and early church fathers were absolutely convinced of the inspired nature of the NT documents. Questioning their veracity is an extremely recent phenomena in historical terms.

  3. Thank you Kevin for this powerful message, one of faith and truth and hope that I hope to use to witness to some of those I know who are still sitting on the fence. Blessing

  4. Thanks Dianne. I hope these stories will prove helpful for those who are undecided or sceptical. Life after death is the ultimate reality that all of us will one day face.

  5. Once again you nailed it Kevin , thanks for bringing up the lyrics we sing in worship songs as a matter of great importance to get away from the wrong focus of us, and back to who we are singing to, I do agree it is vital to use all the points you made to filter out the unhelpful, dare I say even misleading songs that we sing from time to time.
    Also long after Sunday’s are over I can find myself awaking in the night with the words of a good praise song playing in my mind, this is such a beautiful way at its best the horizontal element of worship works for me when at its best it teaches and reminds me of Gods truth.
    Thank you Kevin

    • Thanks Dianne.Yes, worship songs can have a powerful influence upon us, which is why it’s so important to evaluate their content carefully.

  6. Kevin I do pray that your words will be heard! As a past member, I can vividly remember being rebuffed for mentioning such truths the reason given…we cater for everyone’s tastes! I do believe that confirmed that the focus was not on God worship but pleasing the crowd.

    • Thanks for your comment Lorraine. I am so sorry that your concerns were not listened to. I am hoping that this paper will assist in generating some discussion within many churches to address these issues.

  7. Thank-you Kevin. Thank-you, oh thank-you. My thoughts you have expressed so much more clearly than I could. How often have I been disappointed in the few minutes allotted to “worship” in a meeting by such sentiments as you have identified.
    Might I also mention the unsuitability of songs that express the private devotion of the author (usually a celebrity of some sort), things like confessing of past sinfulness – totally inappropriate for congregational worship.

    • Thanks for your encouraging comment Tony. At least, it’s encouraging in the sense that I am not alone in my concerns. I concur with your thoughts about expressions of private devotion by song writers, except if those thoughts are general enough to express the common experience of all forgiven sinners. But your point, I take it, is that sometimes such expressions are so specific that they do not apply to all worshipers.

  8. Yes!
    John 4:23-24
    But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.
    . God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

    These words of Jesus always bring me to my knees.
    While I long to see this in Church meetings; it doesn’t seem to fit into a “programmed service”!

    David Jones

  9. Hi Kevin

    Both the first episode and this one of ” Lyrics in Worship Songs” are wonderful in their composition ( like the musical simile here?) . Anyway, I agree that we compromise our worship by accepting songs to sing in church that are not “up to the standard” we should be using. Music is catchy, but unless the words are suitable for congregational singing, the question remains, ” so why sing them?”. A lot of songs written are good for solo performance or for edifying people within a service, but for many reasons either lyrically or melodically , they just don’t work. i , for one, would like pastors to be more discerning with the songs that are chosen and politely reject the ones they don’t think work for their congregation. What works in one church may be a total disaster in another. However, i am not recommending one person becomes the ” song police” of the church. just that we should be careful not to sing songs with poor lyrical content that is not good for congregational singing.

  10. Thanks Stuart. On the positive side, I think there has been a definite improvement in lyrical content amongst some Christian song writers in very recent years. Church leaders need to receive our positive feed back when good songs like that are added to the playlist. On the other hand, I think we also have a responsibility to express concern when self-focused songs find their way into our services.

  11. Another thing i thought of. All those negro spiritual songs. I love ’em, but the lyrics are so symbolically cryptic you have no idea what the song is about unless you go real deep. Stuff like chariots swinging low, saints marching in, deep rivers etc. i guess lyrics must mean something to the people that write them.

  12. Yes. By the way, the new, politically correct term for that genre is African American Spiritual (I think). I used the term “negro spiritual songs” recently in a sermon and was advised afterwards that the term is offensive to some people (despite the fact that it was the official name for the genre).

    • Oh yes!. That’s why you’re the “smart faith” guy. I would never have thought about renaming a traditional genre to appease the politically correct group.

  13. Don’t stop there…
    This is the picture I see;
    Praising God gets our focus off ourselves and onto our amazing GOD.
    Worship takes us to the door of God’s throne room.
    But there is MUCH MOOR!
    If we as a body of believers stop there, we are missing what is waiting on the other side of that door.
    This might be over simplifying it, but!
    In HIS throne room, worshiping in spirit & truth, all the gifts of the spirit are manifest. If we linger longer in His presence, we may not be able to remain standing! We may be overcome with what we see and here!
    But we will receive;
    Revelation! Inspiration! Prophetic words/pictures! Yielding to the power of our amazing God, anything is possible.

  14. So true Kevin. Look forward to the read. I guess when some pastors stop using the pulpit to manipulate the congregation into submission no matter how subtle they may go about it, then the congregation may feel empowered to speak up. Furthermore when a church does not take discipleship seriously then it just breeds immature christians who can be easily manipulated.

  15. Thanks Elen. As a former pastor myself, I valued those mature members of the congregation who checked everything against the scriptures and weren’t afraid to question me. Their vigilance motivated me to be careful in my preparation of sermons. There were a couple of occasions over the years when congregational feedback helped me to see that I had slightly missed the mark theologically. The pastor should never see himself as being beyond accountability or above correction.

  16. Thanks for that Kev. I found that very interesting. I had to look up what plaucity was but apart from that it was great. Looking forward to the rest.

  17. Hi Kevin I’m so looking forward to the forthcoming messages on Pop Goes The Gospel, you are talking to an issue here that is a matter of life and death, it’s my hope your messages will help me put words and my mind around how I can be better equipped to address this vital issue. Carnt thank you enough.

    • Thanks Dianne. I think there are many Christians who are concerned about the direction of modern preaching, but haven’t felt empowered to speak up.

  18. So true. I have been encouraged to know someone sees the truth of what’s happening in our churches. On a world scale I have been encouraged by Michael Youseff LTW as he preaches the gospel faithfully. His new book The Hidden Enemy clearly sets out how fundamental secularism and aggressive radical Islam is also the enemy within and without. We know what force is really behind all these movements and I thank God that it has been dealt with at the cross.

    • Thanks Lorraine. I agree with your point about “what force is really behind all these movements”. If Satan can’t stop the gospel being proclaimed in totality, he will water it down so that is innocuous and impotent.

  19. So true Kevin. We have been sucked in over a long time, especially in this age of PC, unwilling or watering down the true Gospel so as not to offend. It is not enough to know the Truth but we must speak the Truth when opportunity presents itself. I think unless this issue of the Pop Gospel as you put it is addressed, I can see that it will get worse in future and the true Gospel will become less able to be discerned. I thank you for your willingness and God’s giftedness in you to increase the awareness. I look forward to your future articles in this series.

  20. Thanks for your feedback John. Yes, I suspect that as society progresses down the post-modern path of political correctness and moral relativity, the pressure to soft-sell the gospel will only increase.

  21. Thanks for bringing back the truth of the whole gospel. Watering down the strength of the “mix” does nothing but to “tickle itching ears” which Paul Halle fed Timothy to avoid. Good on ya. Looking forward to the whole series .

  22. Spot on Kev. A Favourite verse I like is Hebrews 13 :15,16 where we read that we are “continually to offer to God a sacrifice of praise .. the fruit of our lips that acknowledges His name, and that we are not to forget to do good and to share what we have with others , for this is what pleases God.” I believe God loves His creation and loves to see us do good things for and to one another, which leads us to praise His name and give Him glory. As you said, there is nothing about us that is intrinsically worthwhile, but we are to give all glory and honour to Him. The pop gospel confuses this with , as you said, stroking our ego to make us feel better. At uni, a friend once asked me the question “Stuart, you being a Christian, does that make you better than me?” . I assured him that I was no better than him, even though he was not a Christian, but that by my faith in what Jesus has done FOR me, He sees me as His child. That is a ” relationship” difference, not a quality difference.
    thanks for giving us clarity on what the gospel really means.

  23. Hi Kevin, I for one will say how great it is to hear Gods word reminding me of my desperate need for His forgiveness, how great is our God, and thank you for this part 2 on the pop gospel.

  24. Thank you for speaking the truth Kev. For 25+yrs I have felt the frustration and disappointment of the wishy washy theology… a theology that has been embraced I think in the name of popularity. Thank you for peeling back the layers of satanic lies and highlighting the Truth of the gospel. We all have a tendency to think of ourselves in a better light than is true. Psychological research has proven this! Hence, it has seeped into our theology and twisted the gospel. One thing I find frustrating is when someone infers a sinful act to a “mistake”. I agree with you to the letter… as if “oops a daisy” I didn’t mean that. In reflection of the work I do with people, Christian or not, in my responses I use the word “choice” until the message is understood. We all like to think that we are good and at times not ‘willful’, but what separates us from God is our inherent sinfulness and self-centred ness. Thanks for reminding us of who we really are and of the fact that without God we are nothing. Reminds us of how much we need to depend on God. It’s a humbling reminder! Thank you.

  25. Thanks for another insightful blog Kev. I have found this series to be challenging and thought provoking. Can you recommend any good preachers that in your opinion are not falling into this pop gospel trap? I tend to listen to pod casts and actually have subscribed to Rick Warren’s, so any suggestions would be appreciated :)

  26. Hi Leila. I like John Macarthur, John Stott and Don Carson for their solid Biblical exegesis. For apologetics, I recommend William Lane Craig and Timothy Keller. These are all very theologically sound teachers.

  27. Thank-you Kevin, an excellent summary of things we are NOT saved to. Where is the notion of devoted slavery to our new Master in Christ? Redeemed ones are saved from slavery to the satan into the just and right-living slavery to Jesus Christ. We owe Him everything – He owes us nothing.
    I confess I have been guilty of swinging through the revolving doors – though not for the prosperity and healing touted. Rather I have been restless and wandering in search of a predominantly authentic fellowship in which worshippers ask God what He wants them to do, as against telling Him what we will do and He should bless.
    One symptom of the latter error is the “desperate need” for new people to burn themselves out propping-up a project that has dried-up and nobody is cheerfully volunteering for any longer. Another is the constant and wearisome appeal for yet more money to build yet another thing that will “bring people in”.

  28. Thanks for that comment Tony. Yes, we are saved to serve Jesus as Lord / Master. I think I adequately expressed this when I stated, “By contrast, the old gospel was extremely clear in indicating that the central purpose of the Christian life is to worship God, the twin components of which are obedience and service. As Christians, we live to worship and bring glory to God, through our obedience to him and our faithful, sacrificial service for his kingdom.” Perhaps I should have ilucidated it more clearly. Regarding the other part of your comment, yes, I completely agree that the church as an institution can sometimes burn people out in propping up its programs. I call this the “black hole syndrome”, where local churches draw members into the orb of its ministries, consuming ever more of their time and energy (and, as you point out, money). Having been a pastor myself for many years, I can testify that it is extremely easy to start to regard the local church as the sum total of the Kingdom of God on earth, or at least its primary focal point. I have come to believe, however, that our church services and meetings are simply the pitt-stop, to re-tune and re-fuel, in order to equip the saints for ministry as they take God with them into the workforce and shopping centres and sports clubs and and buses and trains and social activities and neighbourhoods all week long. THAT is the church at work, and that is what local churches need to be supporting, rather than asking Christians to focus all their energy on supporting the church’s programs.

  29. This is exactly why I am glad we can google these old preachers to read some of their sermons and also enjoy belonging to a “meaty” bible study group that researches and brings to the table what God has revealed about a passage of scripture and not just answer some flimsy questions out of a booklet. We can’t rely on modern churches to preach Gods word unadulterated these days. Again LTW is my favourite tv broadcast before I go off to church on Sunday mornings.

  30. Thanks for your comment Lorraine. It is quite surprising how many Christians listen to deep meaty teaching on the internet. When I speak to some of these people, almost all of them say that they come to church for Christian fellowship, but they get their deep teaching from podcasts. It’s such a shame that churches don’t provide what people clearly want and need.

  31. On the money again Kevin. Oops. Rephrase that. Spot on , Kevin.
    We often don’t get really meaty stuff, and I suppose , to be fair, many people attending church might be totally lost after the first few minutes if they have little biblical knowledge to evaluate what is being preached . We attended a church pastored by M ten B today. Great message, but it was mothers day, so it had to be relevant to that topic. M did a great job, and because the congregation age was an average of 75 years, then it is hard to speak too long or in great depth to a congregation like this. He did a great job, and the 5 points were short and to the point, it went for about 20 minutes, BUT the big point was that he concluded with practical ways they could use todays message. This is the thing that I find mostly lacking in modern preachers. They tell us what we should do or sadly , do not have any practical suggestion at all. If a person is not able to discern what the message says to them on a practical level then surely it has failed to hit the mark. Yes some teaching is for edification, but isn’t “all scripture” supposed to be “profitable for….” which means it has to have an outcome, not just give us a warm fuzzy feeling so we can enjoy the cuppa and a biscuit with someone for a longer time afterwards than the message actually took?

  32. I was aware of this phenononem for quite a while and I saw many church goers blindly following their pastor into Rick Warrens world. Speaking up at the time caused ruffled feathers

    • Unfortunately, I have discovered over the years that speaking up and questioning what is happening in church tends to get the questioner into trouble. This is not how it should be, of course. Ideally, pastors and leaders should be humble shepherds whose heart’s desire is to ensure that the Bible is taught faithfully and people are loved and respected. They should be willing to be accountable for their teaching, open to critique and always ready to listen with an open heart to any genuine concerns. Sadly, however, the professional ministry seems to engender a “god complex” in many pastors, who maintain a facade of humility but who develop a strong belief that their teaching should never be questioned. They tend to react very defensively when their teaching is questioned and the church member often comes off second best.

  33. One of your references addresses arrogant and bullying “leaders” (Elliott Nesch).
    Regarding the authoritarian CEO or celebrity church leader this is where the rot set-in a long time ago…

    The Apostle John says…
    3rd John 1:9-11 I wrote to the Church, but Diotrephes, who loves to have the first place among them, refuses to listen to us. For this reason, if I come, I shall not forget his conduct, nor his idle and mischievous talk against us. And he does not stop there: he not only will not receive the brethren, but those who desire to do this he hinders, and excludes them from the Church. My dear friend, do not follow wrong examples, but right ones. He who habitually does what is right is a child of God: he who habitually does what is wrong has not seen God.

    Plurality of servanthood is very difficult as many of us know from experience. But there is ample evidence from John 17: 20,21 onwards that it is God’s intention for Jesus’ Kingdom.
    As ever, we depend on God’s miracles to walk the narrow way.

    • Thanks Tony. That quote from 3 John 1:9-11 is quite disturbing isn’t it? It reveals the extent to which the church has been deeply flawed from the very beginning. Sadly, the role of church leadership, either paid or voluntary, can sometimes attract people who who seek to meet their ego needs through the exercise of their ministry. The human heart is deceptive above all else, and even those who seek to exercise their ministry humbly can subtly develop a “god complex”.

  34. This state of affairs follows many years of dishonesty about the beneficial aspects of Christian living and teaching on our culture. Julia Gillard, when Prime Minister, listed the many noble aspects of Australian behaviour over our post-convict colonial and settled history. Then she made the remarkable assertion, “We do this because we are us.”
    Appalling as it is, the record of child abuse and sexual violence from within the ranks of the churches will probably eclipse the memory of the good that we have enjoyed.
    Much of what Christianity brought to the English-speaking world is now naively claimed as “human rights” and, surprise surprise, we are facing a losing battle to retain the standards of honest dealing in professions and trades, caring for the downtrodden, law-abiding courteous behaviour in public, safety for those unable to fight for it, respect for those who accept the burden of government, and so on.
    Similarly in the USA the (diminishing) benefits of their Christian heritage are being touted to other nations as the fruits of democracy.

  35. I look forward to this unfolding further, as it is a topic I want to learn more about.

  36. Thanks Dianne. I think this is an extremely important topic, as current views on church leadership have certainly changed significantly from those held in the past.

  37. The bible seems to clearly speak of plurality of leadership. However most churches that adopt this style of leadership abstain from leadership gifting

  38. I’m not sure what you mean by “abstain from leadership gifting”, Glenn. Do you mean that they don’t “acknowledge” individual leadership gifting? It’s certainly true that some churches completely disparage any notion of God raising up individual leaders. However, I think that plurality of leadership and individual leadership within that plurality are not mutually exclusive.

  39. Visionary leadership as you describe from secular standpoint in the church can result in empire building, power and comfortable surroundings for that leader. Not biblically missional!

  40. That can certainly be the case Lorraine. In other instances, however, there may not be anything quite so egotistical going on. I suspect that, for some pastors, they have simply been educated and indoctrinated that this is their role. Some theological colleges have a lot to answer for in the way they have propagated the CEO managerial model of professional ministry among their trainees.

  41. As always Kevin you communicate truth with such clarity, your a faithful servant too.

  42. Hey Kev, I feel as though (and I might be reading into this) this post and the last post are suggesting that Visionary leaders and Servant leaders are two different people. In my theological training, and indeed training for the ministry, my exposure has been that the best leaders are those who are both servants and visionaries. It is clear that leadership in the kingdom of God always amounts to service, but it is true that God leads Pastors to cast vision. Robert Greenleaf one academic who would be a go to on this line of thinking.


    • As indicated by some of the quotes in my first post, there is a groundswell of concern at the moment regarding the CEO, managerial, entrepreneurial style of leadership that has crept into the church, which is a far cry from the type of shepherding leadership that Paul and others exercised in the New Testament church. John Macarthur’s excellent book on servant leadership differentiates this distinction. In the next couple of weeks, I hope to demonstrate that the New Testament model of leadership is much more collaborative and consultative than the current model of the pastor as the CEO and main vision castor.

  43. One often wonders why so many “visionary leaders” seem to make great progress. As you say, it is “their vision” which they often believe is from God, given to them after “much prayer and fasting” ( so they tell us). Perhaps the success of their vision is the ability to sell the vision to those who are prepared to , or just want to, “buy into it” and thus stand to gain much from following that vision. In the end there is a collaborative effort even though the vision may have been given to just the leader or the pastor. My point here is, even though the vision may progress well and even be successful, it could well be that the leader just finds like minded people who will get on board with it, even though the vision is not really part of Gods plan. This is how cult leadership begins.

  44. Emphatically: AMEN!
    Unfortunate slip of the vowel in this blog Kevin.
    You have written “proscribe” where your intention is clearly “prescribe”.
    I’m sure this comment will puzzle people when you’ve fixed that ;-)

    Stuart, I’ve heard it said that people keep buying into the next visionary effort because nothing that went before “worked”. Therefore the next great plan MUST be the one that will finally “work”.

    • Agree with you Tony . And so it goes and continues to go. I still think the vision of the day of Pentecost is still the best . Preach the word and see what God will do next

  45. Great work Kevin. Another good book on leadership is written by Michael Youssef (who appears each Sunday morning at 7.30 am ch 7 two Leading The Way) He wrote The Leadership style of Jesus – How to develop the leadership qualities of The Good Shepherd. I can recommend it,

  46. I look forward to your article in elders Kevin. The proposition of eldership has great merit, however has usually led to to unhealthy dynamics in the church.

  47. Hi Glenn. My experience as a Pastor of working within a collaborative team of elders has been extremely positive. Their wise input and godly counsel resulted in a much more balanced and considered approach to the church’s ministries. The broader leadership base of an eldership ensures a wider range of gifting and passions withing the leadership team, resulting in a more balanced oversight of the church. I have been very fortunate to have always had excellent elderships – wise and godly people with a passion to see the church flourish. The key to a healthy eldership is appointing the right people, as I will highlight in subsequent weeks.

  48. Your fascination with this topic is instructive. I would suggest you’re struggling with a clear command from the Lord that you don’t like. Making rules from exceptions is always bad practice, and hints at wanting to change the clearly-stated rules. God can raise up proclaimers from stones if He wants but that doesn’t mean we should make a rule about stones being authoritative preachers.
    You can’t assume much of your argument to be true if God specifically said, “I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man.” One thing’s for sure – these churches followed in the apostle’s doctrine.

  49. Thanks for your comment Waz. A few quick points in reply:
    – I’m not sure why you think I’m fascinated with this issue. This is merely the next sub-topic in my current theme of Leadership in the Church (see my previous posts).
    – In terms of me “struggling with a command from the Lord that I don’t like”, I stated at the beginning of last week’s post that my view on this issue has emerged from a hermeneutically rigorous investigation of the scriptures, rather than from a predetermined bias. Anyway, I am not sure how you can presume to be able to discern me “struggling” with anything.
    – I encourage you to hold fire until you read my next posts regarding Paul’s prohibitions. Paul’s prohibitions are by no means as unequivocal as you seem to suggest. Greater minds than yours or mine continue to disagree regarding their precise exegesis.
    – God is not a God of contradiction. If Paul’s prohibitions are timeless and universal then God has contradicted himself on quite a few occasions in raising women into authoritative leadership positions: Deborah, Junia, Euodia, Syntyche and the women prophets mentioned in Acts 21 and 1 Cor 11, as well as possibly others hinted at by Paul (as per this post).

  50. Sorry Kev, not nearly convincing enough. Start by replacing the word ‘Paul’ with the word ‘God’ in your argument and you’ll see why. Then have a look at the command of God to Eve. Then have a look at history and note how many times things end badly when women try to usurp the authority of men start with Sarah, Miriam, Rebecca, etc, (of which Ruth & Ester are not examples). Then ask yourself why the Devil tempted Eve and why the ‘Sons of God’ took for themselves the daughters of men as wives. Then think about the command of God that women are not permitted to teach or have authority over men, again. To argue that the meaning of the word ‘for’ somehow negates the clear command of God is a fabulous example of hermeneutical gymnastics.

  51. Hey Kev,
    Let me start by nailing my colours to the mast. Nothing in 1 Cor 14 is obsolete. Neither is chapter 11 all about what happens in church. Luke 1&2 are full of prophecies at least two of which were by the mouths of women (and I’ll guarantee they had their heads covered, by the way). Remember the Jewish temple was segregated so women could prophesy to women – certainly somethings important for Mary to hear.
    To start your argument with the Word of God, then state that this is an obsolete cultural practice is dangerous territory. I humbly suggest you seriously rethink that. Then to launch into your argument that 1st Century women being “inferior and ignorant”, weren’t permitted to speak, undermines your position that Phoebe, Jumia, Priscilla, etc. were leaders in the church. You can’t have it both ways.
    Lastly, nowhere in scripture does God call for “cultural congruity”. Scripture and the Kingdom of God transcend all culture Rom 10:12. I accept that we are not to offend, but not to the extent that we ignore the direct commands of the Lord.
    Wouldn’t it be lovely if two or three stood up in church and spoke in tongues and others interpreted, then two or three prophets also spoke the Word of the Lord and the congregation tested those prophecies. Now that’s a church I’d like to attend instead of the intimation of Greek theatrics we have these days, where one person performs and everyone else sits in silence.

  52. Clearly, to say that women were not educated is a generalisation. Throughout history, it can now be attested, there have been fathers who recognised the intelligence and potential of their daughters and got them an education privately if their society did not support it broadly.
    One might reasonably assume that women in the Bible who exercised Apostolic functions and widely recognised prophetic ministry had got knowledge of the Law and the Prophets.
    I think too there’s a gap in our knowledge of the venue or occasions in which these ladies ministered.
    I have enjoyed being a member of such a church as Waz describes. …and the one person performance on Sunday is commonly a sad remnant going back to the era when most European men were uneducated and had nothing to offer in church as well! The Scotland of the John Knox era was a notable exception for a long time.
    Perhaps a better expression than “cultural congruity” might be “public decorum”. Paul’s advice on the Corinthian church’s meetings reflects such a need. …and Paul moderated his behaviour to people around him being “all things to all men…that some might be saved”. That’s not to say there weren’t standards he wouldn’t compromise.
    I think these points support Kevin’s position.

  53. Thanks for this Kev, exactly along the lines of how I see the order that God wants in His church, and I say this knowing that my husband feels the same way :) I’ve never entered any form of ministry without his agreeance and blessing.

  54. common sense or Godly wisdom is not found in the world as it raises its ugly head fiercely against God. It is apparent that time is running out and that it is urgent that the gospel is heard. The harvest is ripe but the labourers are few. Who will stand up for our Lord Jesus. Pray for our Prime Minister as he contends against the enemy in the heavenly realm

  55. Kev, once again I fully agree. Why the church feels it has to copy the world In Order to be successful, defies logic. As you have said, the Bible is quite specific in why the church exists, what it’s purpose is and how we should go,about it. Having a billboard with our “statement in bright flashing neon letters “ is tantamount to Peter suggesting to Jesus “ it’s good I’m here because I can build a monument to you, Mose, and Elijah, up here for all to see on this mountain” . Just as well the Lord said “ thanks mate, but nah!. I don’t need that sort of publicity” . So let’s just get on with the Mission he gave us . Reach the world with His message, by loving one another as he taught us, and keep it simple”. Well done on another great post.

  56. While I love Christmas and all the joy it brings, especially for family time together, as well as celebrating “the event” of Christ’s birth , it intrigues me that we are nowhere instructed anywhere in the NT to commemorate Christ’s birth. It was not that important to the early believers , and the celebration of a persons birth in those times was not considered a reason to have a party. So are we really just using the fact of Christ’s birth as an excuse for a holiday season, or is it worth much more than that to us as believers inChrist. ?

  57. Sadly the most violently opposed speech freedom is about religious beliefs, in particular Christian beliefs..

  58. Greg Sheridan in his recent book “God is Good for You” talks about “our ethical instincts – liberalism, human rights, even secular and democratic government – (coming) about through hundreds of years of predominantly Christian thinking, refinement, and social practice” and about our society now “living off its accumulated moral capital.” I suspect that the serous loss of this moral capital in recent years is at the root of the loss of civil dialogue, respectful disagreement, and acceptance of differing views that you describe.

  59. Thanks for the update Kevin. Working tirelessly for the Kingdom in which retirement is not in the Word. Blessings

  60. Love this! Such a great way to explain how to view the familiar words and messages taught to us. So often we can gloss over a familiar passage in the Bible, but we could be missing out on a fresh understanding in that. I am so grateful when messages feel familiar to me, this means that I have been saved for a very long time, and for that I am so glad! I can’t imagine life without Him.

    P.s. how was the mushroom pizza?

  61. I really like this! I’ve never stopped to think why Mary would have had the inclination to expect something big from her son, considering the lack of evidence.

  62. Thanks guys. Yes. Mary’s faith in Jesus’ miracle working ability just seems to come out from a deep sense of his divinity.

  63. Agree with the above – and Marge has blue hair because she started to dye it when she noticed she was going grey at the age of 17 :)

  64. Thanks for this article, there’s a lot to ponder. The light is exposing the darkness, that’s for sure!

  65. As always Keven your right on in every point made on the issues pertaining to the Catholic church’s high proportion of crimes of the sexual sort increasingly being uncovered.
    Your truthful and compassionate telling of this evil brings a light of hope and healing at the end of such a long history of evil, and I’m so thankful for it.

    • Thanks Dianne. I certainly tried to be fair and dispassionate in my treatment of the topic.

    • Hi John. If you order from this website, the “Shop” tab, the book will be posted very promptly. Bless you!

  66. Kevin, this most likely is a very timely offering for our churches. Discernment and proper hermeneutics are manifestly at a low level again in the generations of today.
    We are seeing the rise of what is known by some as the “New Apostolic Reformation” whose leaders claim absolute prophetic anointing with the authority to add to the Bible and change its interpretation. The Brian Simmons “Passion Bible” is a product of such people, claiming to have visited heaven and writing their own thoughts into their “Bible” text.
    Millions of Christians are coming under this influence, primarily in the USA but around the world and noticeable in Australia now.
    As a friend of mine observed, “If you don’t know your Bible, watch out!”

    • Thanks for your comment Tony. I completely agree. I sometimes reflect on the great Bible teachers of the past, like Moody, Whitfield, Spurgeon, Calvin, Knox, Luther, Wesley, Wycliffe, Edwards, et al, and wonder what they would make of much of today’s preaching. Not that those guys were perfect, but they were expositors of the Word, not re-interpreters of it.

  67. Kevin, you may like to learn some more about the good Professor R.W. Connell. He was a very clever and very colourful Professor of Sociology at Macquarie in the late 1970s when I was getting my Psychology degree.
    Another epithet I notice that is flung at men who think masculinity per se is good, and I agree with that, is “uneducated!”
    We might feel inclined to wave a banner saying “It’s ok to be male”, and the retort is likely to characterise us as uneducated. It’s propaganda in its usual deceitful form.

  68. Hi I am Phil and I would like literary fame as a sci fi dude? In your burgeoning SF creation🤡

  69. I feel that Natasha might be a good one! If you a need a “spy” like character ha ha, or just someone with a Russian background ;)

  70. Yes I am happy to be in it – if you decide to kill me quickly don’t make it too painful. I have a low pain threshold.

  71. Thank you Kevin.
    Please post on FB so we can share. This will, hopefully touch people that spend so much time on social media.

  72. It’s not only cool, it’s the hottest topic on this planet. When most people today are primarily concerned about changing climate ( isn’t that a tautology?) around them, only few people are concerned about the change that is necessary within. And only this change can come from the one who robbed the grave, claimed a victory over sin and death and lives forevermore. That’s the kind of change I want to live for!

  73. Great article! People can argue until they are blue in the face, but the answer will always be: “Where is the body then?” Praise God the body was snatched from death, what a hope we have in Him!

  74. Absolutely correct Kevin. The combination of western apathy to stand up against Islamic driven attacks on Christians and churches, plus the fear of us to call Muslim extremity a. curse upon mankind because of fear of reprisals has given those. governments you have mentioned and. open hand to deliver the agenda they have to rid the world of Christians, no matter how long it takes. Michael Yousef is a good resource on this as well. I wonder how long it is until we are silenced in this country. Israel Folau’s condemnation. by all but a few. loyal supporters is an indictment upon our heritage. We must not go into the night silently. Let us wake up and stand firm in the faith – the blood of the martyrs is commended. in scripture, but I surely don’t want. mine shed unnecessarily .

    • Thanks so much for your comment Stuart. I heartily agree. And I think the leaders of our own nation are asleep to the danger that is brewing right under their noses.

  75. One very prominent politician claimed publicly that he was unsure if hell really exists. We need leaders who are aware of what is happening in the spiritual world. The church needs to be awake and on watch and on blended knee pleading for the lives of our brothers and sisters everywhere as well as for courage to boldly proclaim the truth. Lord send your mighty army of angels to overcome the evil in our land so you will be praised and glorified above all.

  76. While I still have the freedom here to agree with everything you have stated and I believe even worse consequences coming if we elect non Christian leaders,I reckon even our posts will be hacked and we will be followed up and persecuted as Christians. History proves it.

  77. There are more matters of concern if Labour is elected.
    These are: There is to be a National Gender Centre, A Commissioner for Sexual Orientation and Gender Equality. No one will be allowed to speak against this ideology. Anyone wishing to have gender assignment cannot be given advice that could help them change their mind. Doctors, counsellors, pastors, school teachers, the media etc. All are to advise this is right for the person seeking gender reassignment. If a doctor will not perform the surgery because he/she disagrees with the ideology they could be penalised with de-registration.
    Labour will be broadening the euthanasia laws as well.
    Unfortunately this aspect of Labour and The Greens policies has not been spoken about generally.
    It has been raised by The Institute of Public Affairs, Australian Christian Lobby, Australian Conservatives, Alan Jones and Peta Credlin. Alan Jones from 2GB and on Sky was very vocal against this ideology and was concerned for the children who will seek advice. None can be given except to help them go ahead with the gender reassignment

  78. What the left here and throughout the western world is saying is they want tolerance. However what they actually want is acceptance and their idea of tolerance is to force you to accept their point of view. The time is coming when Christians are going to have to stand up and face the real persecution which is coming. We are not going to be tossed to the lions but we are going to face government imposed pressure to remain silent and meekly accept what we are told. That time will certainly seperate the wheat from the chaff.

    • Thanks Harold. Yes,tolerance means allowing a diversity of views to be held and expressed. What the left is demanding is not tolerance, but uniformity. It is certainly very concerning.

  79. My preference ( and that is why I like preferential voting). is ALWAYS to seek the. local candidate who is a professing Christian . ( Just get to know them personally first). Give them the first vote as this. shows the electorate you prefer a. Christian to represent you. While they may not get elected, their first vote is all that counts, anything less than a primary vote means nothing. then and they have wasted their time campaigning. After that you number the person you LEAST. want to. be elected and so. on up the list. until. you find the person who is your second preference. Once your first vote is. distributed to from your Christian first vote , you. are then directing your preference vote to the ” best of the bad bunch”. As I have heard it said. As Kevin said, a vote for Labor is not. a vote for the environment, it is a vote to limit your vote for freedom especially what you have to say, write, post or even sing in church. As I see. so many people confused about voting, the fear that grips them worries me. If only they knew about the change that Jesus can make on the inside, about worrying about the change that. others are trying to make on the outside world around them. There! My political say done. ( I hope. ScoMo is still PM. on Sunday)

    • I agree wholeheartedly Stuart. I will also be voting for the Christian candidates first.

  80. If Israel Folaus post made gays feel uncomfortable then Gods word is doing its job as it is pointing to sin: but what about all the others like liars cheats fornicators etc….no one stood up claiming to be any of these and were offended. That is just how ridiculously socialist these people are.

  81. Yes, I agree. There was a list of sins in those verses and no one got offended about any of the other sins.

  82. Amen. It is reassuring to know that God is still in control and recognise this is a primarily a spiritual battle even though we may be uncomfortable with the societal changes.

  83. This is exactly what I have been thinking for weeks. Israel, your rewards will at the LEAST, be in heaven.

  84. Well done bro🤡 Enjoying your posts re election n Folau too. Perhaps God might use this Israel to call upon believers to have a conversation or two apologetically examining his stance🤡👍Phil L

    • Thanks Phil. Yes. This issue should cause us all to really think about how any Christian should go about being a witness. What stance do we take on sin? How do we present the gospel without seeming to be judgmental? It does open up some really important discussions.

  85. Wonderful, another great tool in the hands of anyone willing to speak up.
    I am eagerly looking forward to getting my copy too.

  86. It seems to me that we as a nation are committing the same sins as those in Malachi’s day. Turning to other gods, not looking after the refugee, among many others. We are suffering a terrible drought. We need to repent as a nation and turn back to the true God, and then God may send rain and spiritual blessing on this land.

  87. Oh no! Do you mean I will have to TRUST God to supply all my NEED according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus?
    Maybe it would help me if I spent my evenings focusing on whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable or excellent or worthy of praise… What channel is that on?

  88. Great article Kev! It astounds me that people think it’s ok to kill a baby at all – and right up until birth :( So much time, effort and money is poured into helping keep alive premature born babies – we saw this with our first being born at 27 weeks – it’s such a contradiction. Unfortunately the “throw away” society we live in has moved beyond material possessions into the world of humans, simply because people can’t accept that every action has a consequence. Lord Jesus we eagerly await the day you will come and put everything right!

  89. Surely it is an act of Love to offer help to others. So why is there so much Hate toward someone reminding them of the greatest love anyone can receive. If they are not Christians or do not want to hear why do they use their hate other than to enlarge their already oversized ero.

  90. Hi John. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the hostility that this issue has aroused is quite something isn’t it?

  91. I went over to the Australian Christian Lobby site and they have put a hold on accepting donations because in just 2 days there was 2 million donated. They said it is more than enough so wont take anymore. Wow When does that ever happen. Lets hope Rugby Australia would have heard that loud and clear.

  92. Whatever is Dawkins to do? Admit he was mistaken. Now that would be a miracle, which I believe is by definition supernatural. Oh dear.
    Thanks for the post.
    I remember when my thinking opened to the supernatural in my early twenties. It was a scary time. Perhaps I should be more hind to Dawkins. It can be a heroine journey from thinking you understand, to meeting Jesus, to bending your heart to him. Father help us reflect your Son, not in our strength but in that of the Spirit. If it pleases You may Dawkins and may more become Family.
    Boy….I started smug. Feeling a bit less now!
    Thanks again Kevin.

    • Thanks for your comment Michael. This post was actually an excerpt from my new book. You might find it interesting.

  93. Your argument about Apostle John’s proximity to Jesus, traveling with Him and knowing His behaviour over a period of 3 years is good.
    Even Judas Iscariot testified to the Judean rulers that, notwithstanding Jesus’ claims to being Messiah, he (Judas) could find no fault in Him! (Matthew 27:4)

  94. What a great encouragement in a broken world. I’m “living my best life now” it involves quite a bit of pain and frustration. Overwhelmed by the Loving embrace of Jesus.
    One day at a time sweet Jesus,
    That’s all I’m asking of you…….

  95. So is there some united pushback on this?
    Canceling my Prime membership is not enough nor what I want to do.
    I want a conservative Christian worldview to be it the public square. Not because it’s “right” but because it’s not hate speech and is as least as clearly articulated and thought through as any the other position.

  96. Hi Michael. I am not aware of any organised push back, but I suspect that as more concerned Christians and free speech advocates blog about this, Amazon will have to take notice. There is certainly a clear anti-Christian bias being demonstrated by Amazon at the moment which should not be tolerated in an open and democratic society.

  97. Thanks Kev’
    So glad you’re writing and fighting :)
    I always feel encouraged and equipped after reading what God puts in your heart
    God bless mate

  98. Thanks for the encouragement Eden. We’re all working together to do our bit for God’s Kingdom, brother.

  99. My personal view is that the proponents of the Bill being debated in NSW are utterly uninterested in the life of any human embryo; that they are only interested in (a) women’s self-determination and/or (b) criminality at law. One of these parties wants to “do what they want” without responsibility to any community. The other party wants to be able to act without fear of prosecution – again without responsibility to any community.

    Witness the corruption and demise of a civilisation!

    It is also ludicrous in an evil way that Australia imports immigrants to build our population for economic reasons while killing our own with increasing impunity.

  100. Atheism is not interested in well formed logic. It hates it’s spawn because it hates. The unspoken “right” atheism demands is to do what ever it wants, to who ever it wants. One of those “rights” is to fornicate without being told no. The core of the problem is this activity (which promises so much happiness) – causes men to just be sexual opportunists (at best) or predators (is worse); women feel used and abused; the child that results is regarded with the same loathing as the act that produced it – so is regarded as unwanted, unloved spawn that must be eliminated to lessen the hurt – this is only done by killing the conscience and employ every absurd argument about what is life – totally missing the problem that the murder is addressing) – on top of this children that are carried to full term grow up with a mother struggling to deal with her loneliness and desertion, children grow up not feeling loved/ wanted and become the largest demographic in the prison demographic. Fornication (which they viciously protect) promises so much – but brings with it every misery. Killing children is just part of the story. Protecting them after full term is the challenge. Fornication is the issue – but is hidden with all the back and forth – it is totally missing in the argument – and they are more than happy for it to stay that way.

  101. Thanks for your comment Geoffrey. Yes, one of the factors driving the call for abortion to be legalised is the desire to not have to face the consequences of our moral choices. Sex without consequences is the mantra of our world. You have rightly pointed out the further damaging consequences that apply to those children who are born from this kind of philosophy – those who are not aborted. It is an increasingly troubling world as morals spiral downward, further and further away from God’s perfect, absolute standards.

  102. There are many students at my school who probably wish they were born as a dog. At least they would be given food instead of arriving at school having had no breakfast and nothing packed to eat for the day. At least their finger nails are trimmed (I think)

  103. Hi Kevin. I always appreciate your blogs and your visiting Noosa. Please don’t forget us!
    I’m no theologian but in this case, doesn’t the OT reveal a pattern for the Jews over centuries – that whilst they walked with God they prospered, but within a short space of time, when turning their backs to God, they suffered. I know this was God showing His judgement of them in those times, whereas in the NT, the “wheat is to live with the tares” (plus sheep with goats) until the day of judgement. God must still be very angry with the world and the way some of His people (and church) are behaving, and although I haven’t heard exactly what Folau said, I must admit to having similar thoughts, and particularly when considering the “perilous times” ahead the Bible refers to.
    I would appreciate your further comments.
    Kind regards
    Ray Jackson

  104. Thanks for the comment Ray. One of the many differences between the terms of old covenant and the new covenant iterated in the New Testament is in regard to the means and immediacy of God’s punishment. In the old covenant God’s punishments were tangible and immediate (as were his rewards). In the new covenant Romans 2:5 says “But because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God’s wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed”. In the same way, rewards in the old covenant were immediate and tangible, whereas in the new covenant we are storing up treasure for ourselves in heaven. I think it is also very important that we read those two incidents in the ministry of Jesus(Luke 9 and Luke 13) where the people of his day were convinced that when bad things happen it is unquestionably a sign of God’s judgment and punishment. Jesus’ response on both occasions was to repudiate that kind of simplistic thinking. Part of living in a fallen world means that sometimes bad things happen to relatively good people as a product of the chance interplay of natural forces in a world that is physically out of balance because of our sin. In this sense we all live perpetually under the ongoing ramifications of mankind’s rebellion against God. This is not to say that God never institutes individual acts of punishment – I believe he does – but we are left without any certainty as to whether a particular calamity is a specifically intentional act of God’s judgment or a simply another example of a physically broken world that is operating dysfunctionally and which God, in his sovereignty, has chosen not to avert for purposes that may remain hidden to us. In both previously mentioned cases in the ministry of Jesus, he indicates that the tragedies were the latter and not the former.

  105. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is often quoted in this context.

    “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

    For those who espouse this position as relevant to western countries today I have have the following issues…

    Australia cannot claim to be God’s people. That was a privilege (responsibility) placed upon Israel.

    For those who (incorrectly in my view) believe the church has replaced Israel, this would mean the church, not the nation, must repent. However, it is usually quoted in the context of national revival.

    Back to Israel Falau, unfortunately today celebrities are given airtime in many areas by the media which far exceeds their competence

  106. The thing that troubles me about this conversation broadly is, what seems to be inevitable, the confusion between OT examples that speak to a community or a nation with examples from the NT which speak to personal moral responsibility.
    Is there Scriptural ground for saying God is withholding punishment (in the Christian era) for sinful communities, nations or even civilisations?
    You will often hear me say that Western European Civilisation is crumbling. Clearly within that context we all individually suffer in one way or another, whether “deserved” or not. (I’m not saying there’s no hope of repentance & restoration.)
    I cannot buy the idea of “the chance interplay of natural forces…” The God of Creation has “let go” enough to give us individual moments of moral freedom – but even that much is historically controversial. Cause and Effect (Choice & Consequence) are not suspended, even if Judgement is postponed.
    I feel it is clear that we suffer individually when the community (nation or civilisation) is sinful. Call it Judgement or Cause & Effect. Thus I do not think it “reprehensible” (A. Albanese) to call out the sin of a community, nation or civilisation. To blame individuals is, of course, a step too far!
    Perhaps you have addressed this adequately in your books. Sorry, I should read them or reread them.

  107. Thanks for your comment Tony. Yes, I have dealt with the issues you have raised in MUCH greater detail in “Finding God When He Seems To Be Hiding.” Included in that is the role of chance and its relationship to the sovereignty of God.

  108. Great article I’ve been able to share this with a few non believing friends and they agree with your comments

    • Not at all. He’s a bloke with low testosterone. The solution is not to change a bloke into a woman – the solution is for him to receive testosterone supplementation.

  109. Thanks Kevin for this insight into Christmas. Whatever the correct details are, the truth cannot be denied, that our Saviour came to redeem us. Glory to God.

  110. Hey Kevin. I still have my beanie from the seventies that I bought as protection from the impending ice age. A bit out of fashion but it works.
    Well researched and written.

  111. May I remark that Stalin is reputed to have effected the killing of 100,000,000 of his own citizens, yes, one hundred million political dissidents. I have followed Alexandre Solzhenitsyn’s publications from “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” to his last translated books.

  112. What’s the answer? What are we to do?
    Yes, we must pray that honest, moral reason prevails in the Courts.
    But we must take on board that we actually live in a pagan society. Sure there are other religions about. Sure there’s nothing good about anything remotely like hating the proponents of other religions.
    I recently read of a Labor Party initiative to express zero tolerance about race-related violence. My response is this. How will zero tolerance of bigoted people improve the situation where people have zero tolerance of races besides their own? Should we all begin to express zero tolerance of everything we differ in? Is that the answer?

    Another recent reading, James Jordan “Through New Eyes”, looks at outreach in the Old Testament and recommends that our most constructive action in a pagan society is to Worship the God of Creation, and to do it in the public gaze. Sure, we’ll be thrown in the Lions’ Den. But God might use this as He used Daniel to convert the Babylonian Empire that he subsequently ruled. Check out the Book about Daniel.

    Like it or not, Christians shine under persecution.
    …meantime let’s pray that honest, moral reason prevails in the Courts.
    Thanks for publicising this Kevin.

  113. Thanks Tony. Good points. Increasingly, I think that James Jordans approach is the one we will have to take.

  114. If we need to destroy anythink to do with slavery and/or the mistreatment of one group by another we should demolish the pyramids.

  115. Very clear and insightful, thank-you Kevin.
    The current waves of hysterical anger are social self-harm! Looting and burning cars and shops only hurts the community where the rioters live. They will all hurt, as the rebuilding, if it ever happens, will be costly and very inconvenient. The innocent entrepreneurs may be forgiven for taking their looted business somewhere safer.
    The burning of a restaurant because Police shot a man in its Drive-through is as irrational as it could possibly be!
    We could jump on with the Cancel Culture and destroy all our unpalatable history – and then? Repeat it, of course! …having learnt nothing from it.

  116. I feel so much better after reading this as I am starting the same protest for school shoes. Why do schools only allow students to wear black school shoes? What is wrong with white shoes. I’m outraged. I’m offeneded.

  117. Hi Kevin
    This article is wrong for so many reasons, it is not funny. The “Black lives matter” is all about the systematic racism that is inherent in our white culture that indigenous people have to deal with constantly in their lives. You belittle this with such articles, it shows that you do not understand this issue as you are still looking through your rich white privileged eyes. After I read your recent article on the the refugees I thought you were beginning to understand, but I was mistaken.

    • No, Greg, it is you who is wrong. You have missed my point entirely. Like you, I am outraged at the appallingly racist attitudes against people of colour that are still entrenched within western society. My post, however, was a piece of satire pointing out the ridiculous extrapolations that many “Black Lives Matter” campaigners are making. They are taking a valid concern and cheapening it by widening their campaign to embrace an array of issues that are, at times, irrelevant, and at other times, completely counter-productive to their cause. What began as a movement to address a deeply disturbing issue, has been swept up in a wave of mass-hysteria to include a number of issues and forms of expression that are mindlessly simplistic and completely unhelpful. If you had read my previous posts on this subject, you would know that I am deeply supportive of the Black Lives Matter campaign, but I am utterly opposed to the juvenile mass-hysteria witch hunt that it has generated and which devalues the cause. Your condescending comment, “I thought you were beginning to understand,” shows that you have not understood my position at all. Please refrain from making comments if you are unable to appreciate nuanced satire when you read it.

  118. Much like the over zealous Cults through the years those that worship at the leftist altar of the perpetually offended have no appreciation of satire or sense of humour. Of course there is no forgiveness or redemption at that altar either only condemnation, but that’s another story.

  119. I watched a Tv documentary a while back where people were “in love ” with in animate objects eg their truck and wanted to marry their truck. As time goes on there will be no limits.

  120. I can’t find this post on FB this afternoon! I was going to share it Kevin.

  121. How true were our Lord’s words – Not everyone who says to me “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven ….. Much prayer needed not only for unbelievers but for those in the church.

  122. From Our World Data .org 22nd August 2020
    Norway 48 deaths per million. Closed down during the pandemic
    Finland 60 deaths per million. Closed down during the pandemic
    Sweden 575 per million did NOT close down during the pandemic

  123. Don’t forget Malcolm Muggeridge, a very well known and popular atheist of the twentieth century who changed his mind. “Jesus Rediscovered” (1969) was his first publication refuting his atheism.

    • Yes! Good point! He was another very significant atheist who eventually recanted his unbelief. Thanks Tony.

  124. Yes! Good point! He was another very significant atheist who eventually recanted his unbelief. Thanks Tony.

  125. why are people praising a person who was a criminal. We should raise our hands to praise God.

  126. my young brother reckoned he was a horse when he was a pre schooler. He grew out of that and now is a man.

  127. Thank you for opening up the background of the BLM. Like many I was unaware of the other stuff behind the protests.

  128. Hey Kevin. That is very generous of you to offer the two books for free. Both are great reads and cheap at full asking price IMHO.

  129. I agree with your comments about the stars but I think you will find that astrology actually is about the planets with the stars just as a background. Also, the character of a person is deemed by astrology to be the combination of where all the planets were at the time of a person’s birth, but their personality, the outward manifestation of their character is deemed by astrology to be determined by their ascendant, which changes every few hours. To preach to astrologers you need to investigate their world view beyond newspaper astrology or you will get no traction at all

  130. I don’t think Joe Biden would be in agreement with these people as he publicly professes his Christian faith and attends church. On both sides of politics there are always radicals.

  131. Reflecting on why parents bring their children to a Christian School – when they have no interest in the Faith, and no intention of being Christian – I hear them say they want “the values”. What values? The idea of “values” – whatever they may be, it seems.
    Their idea of Christianity seems to be: an ethos of sentimental compassion.
    This is why authors of the late 20th Century emphasised that Christianity is OFFENSIVE. It attacks! …with a rude challenge. All or nothing: hand-over your life!
    (But hand it over to the Person who made you and can be trusted to intend good for you all the way.)

  132. Kevin, once again you have nailed it. Absolutely – there are too many prominent Christians ( so they tell us) that merely live in a “Christian fantasy” world. They sprout all manner of fancies, aspirations and imaginations , claiming these are a message from God. The only times God has given me a message is because he has asked me to go and speak about Him, not to proclaim what He is going to do. This false leader of the “free world” has met his judgement day. Vale, au revoir and good bye Donald!

  133. Thanks Kevin. Because someone says “they have had a vision or prophecy” does not make it so. I would call these so called “prophecies” fake now because we know that God never goes against His Word or Nature. He does not use the ignoble vessels for noble purposes
    (2 Tim:20-21). The true description you have given of Donald Trump’s character would certainly classify him as ignoble.

  134. Target and other corporations seem to exemplify this quotation attributed o Karl Marx: “A people without a heritage are easily persuaded”.

  135. I agree. What a twisted and hypocritical society we are becoming. Down with the proposed legislation. Who running the Victorian Legislature?

  136. A most worrying trend. Will the new administration also support or allow this trend to grow stronger.