PAPERBACK: Living Like Jesus


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Living Like Jesus is a deeply challenging examination of the powerful yet counter-intuitive principles for effective living that Jesus taught and modelled. Turning away from society’s pursuit of affluence and influence, Jesus calls us to embrace a radically different set of life principles. In contrast to the bankruptcy of the world’s values, these life principles turn out to be the only true path to lasting joy and fulfilment. Yet very few people discover this path and venture down it. The path that Jesus beckons us toward is the road less travelled – even for Christians. But for those who do find it and who dare to embark upon it, it is the surprising path to the best possible life. Living Like Jesus will transform the way you live and help you discover the good life that we are all seeking. The book includes a 10-week study guide for small groups.

“Living Like Jesus is a treasure trove of insight into the only true path to the fullness of life that Jesus promises. Enjoy the exciting, life-changing journey ahead!” – Nick Scott, Senior Pastor, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.

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FREE POSTAGE for orders of 10 COPIES or more. Contact us HERE for a discount price for bulk orders.

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The Jesus Trilogy

The groundbreaking Jesus Trilogy from Kevin Simington and Keith Farmer!

These three books present a stunning re-visioning of Jesus, describing his radical values and counter-cultural principles for living, as well as their application for our own lives. Incorporating new historical research and fresh examination of biblical texts, a picture of Jesus emerges that is surprising and wonderfully appealing. As you delve into the 1st century context of his life, Jesus radical rabbi will come to life for you in a new way. You will see Jesus with fresh eyes and be inspired to follow in his radical footsteps.

Leading Like Jesus is aimed at church leaders (pastors, ministers, elders, ministry leaders, small group leaders) and anyone aspiring to enter Christian leadership. The remaining two books, Loving Like Jesus and Living Like Jesus, are aimed at all Christians (and even those who are not yet believers), and include a 10 week Study Guide for small groups.

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