Ministry Update 21 June 2024

For those dear friends who support me in prayer, here is a very brief ministry update.


Monday: Conducted an online seminar on “Discipleship in New Testament Historical Context” with Anglican Ministers in the Bathurst Diocese

Tuesday: Online Strategic Planning Taskforce meeting (Bathurst Diocese)

Wednesday: Online Conference Planning Committee meeting (Bathurst Diocese)

Thursday: Conducted a Church Leadership seminar (in conjunction  with Dr Keith Farmer) to A2A: an organisation of Pentecostal pastors from around Australia 

Thursday: 2 unscheduled mentoring phone calls with ministers facing difficult pastoral issues

All week: Wrote my next blog post, replied to people contacting me on my smartfaith website, sent books to people who purchased them, continued working on scripts for my upcoming video series on Apologetics.


Leadership seminar to be presented to Churches of Christ pastors / ministers in South Australia in a couple of weeks (Dr Keith Farmer will present in person and I will present via video)

Leadership seminar in Newcastle (in person!) to be presented to an alliance of church planters from around Australia called Exponential – in a few weeks.

Record two video sermons in the upcoming sermon series on 1 Samuel for the Bathurst diocese to be played in churches without ministers

Meeting with one of the pastors of our church next Tuesday to discuss the idea of me helping to write the Daily Devotions and helping to teach their Preliminary Theological Certificate Course

Continue to work on new scripts for my upcoming Apologetics videos, continue with blog posts, and do more writing for my new book, “Jesus In Space and Time”

Ongoing regular mentoring phone calls with several new ministers in mid-western NSW

Presenting Part Two of the Discipleship in New Testament Historical Context seminar in two weeks 


Thanks for your prayers and support!