New Book and Ministry Update

This has been a busy week. On Tuesday night at Tuggerah, NSW, I conducted a seminar on “The Historicity of Jesus and the Bible”. The following night, Wednesday, I conducted an outreach seminar in Blayney, NSW, on “Reasons to Believe”, which was supported by the various churches in that town. The following day, Thursday, I had a mentoring session with the ministry team of the Blayney Anglican Church. Yesterday, Saturday, I was involved with the Annual Conference for the Bathurst Diocese of the Anglican Church in Dubbo, NSW. Tomorrow I will be involved in an online Zoom training session for new ministers in the Bathurst Diocese. The next night, Tuesday night I will be involved in an online Zoom planning meeting as part of the Strategic Planning Team for the Bathurst Diocese. The following Monday Night I will be conducting an online Zoom training session for lay leaders of parishes in the Bathurst Diocese on the topic of “Biblical Theology” – helping them to more faithfully interpret and apply the Bible as they prepare sermons and Bible studies. In the following weeks I will be preparing and recording some video sermons on the book of Joshua, to be used by churches in the Bathurst diocese who do not have a minister. As well as this, I will be continuing to be involved in fortnightly Zoom training sessions for new ministers in the diocese (fresh out of Bible College) as well as regular mentoring phone calls for several of them. I do all this as the official “Ministry Consultant” for the Bathurst Diocese, a role which I carry out voluntarily, without remuneration. Please continue to pray for me, that the Lord will keep me humble and faithful, and will use me as a blessing to others.


My new book, “7 Heroes of the Faith”, is now published and is available from my website HERE.

Blessings to all of you!