Ministry Update

Thank you to all my prayer supporters. Over the last week, Dr Keith Farmer and I have conducted two seminars with pastors and church leaders in Brisbane and Toowoomba. The seminars were well attended (55 and 45) and we believe they made a significant impact on attendees. This follows recent seminars in Perth and Launceston, as well as a zoom seminar with church leaders throughout New South Wales. Our ‘Jesus Trilogy’ (consisting of Leading Like Jesus, Loving Like Jesus and Living Like Jesus) continues to be very well received, with one pastor commenting to us recently that Leading Like Jesus is the best book on Christian leadership she has ever read. 

Looking ahead to this year, I will be focussing on the following:

– Gradually producing a series of videos, converting many of my seminar talks to online videos that can be accessed by anyone

– Re-engaging in writing “7 Heroes of the Faith: Some Dead Guys You really Should Know About”. I set this aside a couple of years ago to work on my writing projects with Keith, and I can now get back to it and continue to work on it.

– There will probably be some further online leadership seminars with church leaders this year.

– Trying to improve my backhand re-entry turns on my surfboard. These are a bit weak and need more work. 

Blessings to you all,