The Window For Christmas Deliveries

Dear readers …

This is just a brief email to say that the window of opportunity for getting your books delivered in time for Christmas is rapidly closing. When you order books from my website ( I place an immediate order with Amazon through my author account, and the books are printed and sent directly to you (this saves paying double postage). If you want to receive any of my books in time for Christmas (to give as a gift for someone) you probably only have about 48 hours left to place your order. 

In yesterday’s email I recommended my new evangelistic booklet, “Heading for Eternity”, as an excellent gift to give people at Christmas, and also a powerful evangelistic tool to have on hand to give people in the ordinary course of your life. I also recommend that you buy 10 or more copies (at AUS $6 each) as this will mean free postage.

I wish you God’s blessing as we approach this season of celebration.