New Evangelistic Booklet!

Announcing the publication of my new evangelistic booklet – just in time for Christmas! 

Heading for Eternity is a brief but powerful explanation of life after death and our need to turn back to God while there is still time. It briefly summarises the compelling evidence for the afterlife, and shows why the teaching of Jesus offers the only true path to eternal joy. Written in a relaxed but persuasive style, Heading for Eternity will profoundly challenge sceptics and enquirers of all persuasions. Give this small book to everyone you know because it might just change their eternity!

Heading for Eternity is a handy-sized booklet that you can carry with you to give to anyone you meet. It is smaller and much shorter than a regular book (69 small pages), but bigger and more detailed than a gospel tract. For years I have looked for something like this to give to people – something that is not dry and intellectual, but engaging and relaxed and also deeply challenging. I believe I have produced something that will profoundly challenge people to ponder where they are headed after they die and to consider the claims of Jesus. The subtitle indicates the relaxed tone of the booklet: “Some stuff to sort out before you get there.”


Amazon are charging AUS $10.02 each but I don’t want to make any money from this booklet. I simply want it to be available as cheaply as possible for the work of the gospel. I want people to have a whole bunch of these on hand that they can give to people to promote discussion and hopefully challenge belief systems among their friends and acquaintances. For that reason I am making this booklet available on my website at the cost price of $6 each (actually they cost me $5.88 each, but it would be messy to charge you that). If you order less than 10 copies, you will also have to pay postage, which I unfortunately can’t avoid. BUT if you order 10 or more copies, there will be no charge for postage

Why not order a bunch of these right now to slip into all your Christmas presents for family and friends? I have just ordered 100 copies for my own personal use, to give to family, friends, delivery drivers, uber drivers, hotel receptionists, shop assistants, and basically anyone I meet with whom I strike up a conversation. And what a great time of year to give someone a present that has eternal meaning!


To give you a taste, here is the first chapter, entitled, “A Risky Bet” (the booklet only has 8 chapters and an Appendix):



I once had a conversation with a high school student that went something like this:

STUDENT:  There’s no such thing as life after death. When you’re dead, you’re dead. There’s nothing more.

ME:  How do you know?

STUDENT:  I don’t know for sure. I’m just guessing.

ME:  That’s not just a guess. It’s a bet, and it’s incredibly risky.

STUDENT:  What do you mean?

ME:  I mean if you’re wrong, the consequences are eternal.

Many people are like that student; betting that there is no such thing as life after death and that God doesn’t exist. I recently saw a sign on the side of a Melbourne bus which read, “God probably doesn’t exist, so stop worrying and enjoy your life.” But notice the word, “probably”. It’s a gamble. People who follow this philosophy are betting that death is the end. Full stop. End of the line. Fade to black.

Maybe you’re betting that, too. But what if you’re wrong? What if, when the final curtain falls, you step through it and find that you are face to face with the Creator whom you either denied or ignored all your life? What if, instead of a fade to black, you find yourself in the blazing spotlight of God’s judgment?

It’s a disturbing thought, isn’t it? That’s probably why most people avoid thinking about it.

If I went down to the local shopping centre and surveyed people, asking them whether they believe in God, as well as some people who expressed a positive faith I would also get a wide range of other responses. Apart from possibly getting a thick shake tipped over my head or told where I could go if I felt like it, I would also probably get the following answers:

– I don’t believe.

– I don’t know and I don’t care.

– I don’t know and I don’t think anyone can know.

– Maybe God exists but I’ll look into it some other time.

– God probably exists but I haven’t really done anything about it.

– I believe in God but I’m not religious.

Perhaps you can relate to one of those viewpoints. Maybe I have just described you. While these wide-ranging opinions are quite different from each other in some respects, they all share one thing in common. The people who hold them are all admitting that they are choosing to have nothing much to do with God. Whether that is due to unbelief, uncertainty, apathy or simply inertia, the result is the same; they are all disconnected from God. They are not ‘religious’ in the sense of actively worshipping him.

In one sense, everyone who holds one of these viewpoints is betting against God. They are choosing to live apart from him. And, as I said to that student many years ago, that is a very dangerous bet to make if it turns out you are wrong.

In this little book, I want to do two things. Firstly, I want to present some evidence that I hope will at least cause you to consider the possibility that God might exist. And secondly, I want to help you see that if God doesexist, it is the most important and urgent issue that any of us face. The question of God’s existence is the ultimate question we must all answer. It is the ‘grand bet’ that we must all make, and it has eternal consequences.

If God does not exist, then death is simply the end, and that sign on the Melbourne bus represents good advice: “Stop worrying and enjoy your life”. But if God does exist, it changes everything. It means that we are not the independent agents that we thought ourselves to be but are guests in Someone Else’s universe. It means that there is a moral lawgiver and that we don’t get to make up our own rules. It means that death is not the end and that we will all one day come face to face with our Creator, to whom we will be ultimately accountable.

This is why the question of God’s existence is the most important question we will ever face. Because his existence or non-existence changes everything.

So, which is it? Does God exist or doesn’t he? Is there any evidence that can help us decide which side of the ‘grand bet’ to back?

Yes, there is.

Read on.