Ministry Update

This is a quick ministry update for those who may be interested (and some who may even be praying for me).


2023 has been a very busy and rewarding year, which is why my blog posts have been somewhat sparse and spasmodic.  My ministry this year included (in no particular order):

  • Co-wrote and published “Leading Like Jesus” with Dr Keith Farmer
  • Co-wrote “Loving Like Jesus” with Keith – now in final stages of publication
  • Co-wrote “Living Like Jesus” with Keith – now in final stages of publication
  • Keith and I conducted leadership seminars for church leaders based on our book “Leading Like Jesus” in Perth (in October) and Launceston (November).
  • Conducted an online leadership seminar for an Australian network of church planters (December)
  • Book launch / mini seminar presented to over 120 Churches of Christ pastors at Stanwell Tops (October)
  • Wrote and published “Believing Out Loud” – a practical guidebook about how to sensitively share your faith in an age of increasing hostility.
  • Occasional video sermons for the Bathurst Diocese of the Anglican Church (see my YouTube channel).
  • Zoom meetings with Anglican clergy out west and occasional mentoring phone calls with new clergy.
  • Involvement on various committees for the Bathurst Diocese, including the ordination panel, interviewing prospective candidates for ordination.
  • Apologetics Seminars at Castle Hill, Yarramalong, Wyong, 
  • 4-day Clergy Retreat with Bathurst Diocese clergy in May
  • Occasional guest preaching
  • Most recently I have just finished writing and publishing “Heading For Eternity”. More about this  in tomorrow’s post!


As well as many of these activities continuing in a similar fashion in 2024, next year also holds a new challenge for me. After the publication of “Leading Like Jesus”, I was contacted by the Australian College of Ministries (ACOM) and asked if I would teach a course in Christian Leadership for their Masters Degree program next year. They loved the book so much that they want to set it as a text and they have asked if I would write and facilitate a new course based around the book. The first two trimesters of next year will be spent working alongside two other staff members at the College, designing the course and getting it approved for a Masters degree program. Following that, I will probably teach it for the first time in the third trimester of 2024.

As well as this, more opportunities are opening up for Keith and me to run leadership seminars in other parts of Australia, with one already planned for Victoria Churches of Christ, and others in Queensland and South Australia in the early stages of planning.

I will also be running more apologetics seminars, and visiting a couple of churches out west to do some locum ministry for churches without ministers.

In my ‘spare time’ I also hope to be able to do some more work on two books that I have been slowly working on over the last couple of years: “7 Heroes of the Faith” (which is an inspirational book giving a brief overview of 7 great men and women who have made a profound impact on the kingdom of God), and “Trusting an Unseen God” – a deeply philosophical book that explores the reasons for God’s hiddenness and apparent inaction at times.

I am so thankful to God for the incredible privilege I have in serving him. Please continue to pray that the Lord will strengthen and guide me in all that I do. I hope and pray that each of you will continue to know God’s gracious hand at work in your own lives as well.