Leading Like Jesus

Leading Like Jesus is a new book co-authored by Dr Keith Farmer and myself. 


Leading Like Jesus is an urgent call for the contemporary church to rethink Christian leadership and rediscover the leadership principles of the Radical Rabbi. In many ways, these leadership principles are counter-intuitive and counter-cultural, but they turn out to be incredibly powerful. Sadly, the contemporary church has drifted away from these principles in recent decades and absorbed a model of leadership that is increasingly problematic. This book was written out of deep concern for this mounting crisis.

Incorporating a mix of historical research and in-depth exegesis of key Gospel passages, Leading Like Jesus paints a vivid, fresh portrayal of Jesus in his first century rabbinical context and shines new light on his radical leadership practices. The principles that emerge from this study will surprise, inspire and challenge you.

Keith and I believe that this is a book that anyone in any form of Christian ministry should read. Even if you are not in leadership, the principles that this book uncovers are principles that should inform and guide the lives of every Christian. You might also consider gifting a copy to your pastor or ministry leader, or anyone you know in Christian leadership.

Keith and I are planning a Book Launch and Leadership Seminar sometime in September, hosted by a church (still to be determined) and also streamed live for those who can’t be physically present. More details soon!


“This book is both edifying and profoundly disturbing. It shines a light on the dysfunctional leadership trends that have infiltrated the contemporary church in recent times and points the way forward for personal and corporate reform. There is much to be learned from this book.”DR. DENNIS NUTT, Associate Professor of History, Sydney College of Divinity.

Leading like Jesus is a call to radically rethink our approach to Christian leadership. Whether you are just starting out in Christian leadership or a veteran leader of 30 years, it casts a compelling vision for how to re-shape your leadership in ways which are sustainable and Christ-centred. Grounded in rich stories of the disciples’ encounters with Jesus, it invites us to overturn almost everything we have learned about authority, position, power and influence, calling us, instead, to follow in the footsteps of the Radical Rabbi.” – SARAH WHITEHEAD, Graduate School Projects Manager, Australian College of Ministries.

“Kevin and Keith have served the church so wonderfully in this challenging and inspiring book. They have convincingly exposed the failure of the CEO model of church leadership and profoundly put before us the servant model of the One who gave his life for us. I found myself prayerfully seeking the transforming work of the Spirit in my own life and ministry as I read, that I might grow in the likeness of Jesus day by day. This will be a significant book for all pastors to read and I pray it will have a great impact on the future leadership of the church.”  – THE RIGHT REVEREND MARK CALDER, Bishop of Bathurst Diocese, Anglican Church of Australia.

“This book will enable leaders to emerge stronger, wiser and more resilient” – DR. MARK CONNOR, Pastor, Speaker and Professional Mentor.



  • Both the eBook and print versions are available as a pre-order (to be released on 1st September) via Amazon, iBooks, and all major online distributors.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase both the eBook and print book immediately from smartfaith.net
  • Print books will also be available from Koorong within a couple of months.

Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming Book Launch and Leadership Seminar!