Amazing Giveaway!

Dear subscribers,

Over the last few months I have been undertaking (among other things!) an intense re-read and rewrite of all eight of my FICTION books. This has not only involved correcting the few typos that slipped through the original editing process, but also refining some of the writing. All eight fiction novels have now been refreshed and republished, and are available for purchase as eBooks and paperbacks.

As a very limited special offer, for ONE WEEK ONLY, I am making three of those books available as a FREE eBook download! The three books in this limited offer are the first book in the STARPATH series, the first book in the LONGSHOT series, and the stand-alone mystery thriller, “Someone Else’s Life”.

If you have read these books in the past, you might be interested to read the updated and refreshed versions to see what differences there are. If you haven’t previously had the pleasure of meeting Zac Perryman, Daniel Newman or John Targett (and their quirky sidekicks!) why don’t you take a punt and give the books a go? Who knows, you might actually enjoy them. Life is short; take some time out to relax and have some fun!

Here are the links to the free downloads for each of the three books. Each link will take you to my book funnel website where you can choose which format you would like to download. But act quickly, because these books will be FREE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY.