Believing Out Loud

My latest book is now published and is available as both a downloadable eBook and a paperback. “Believing Out Loud: Helping Timid Christians Open Up About Their Faith” is a very simple, practical book that will encourage and inspire you to be a more natural, confident witness for Jesus.

The title might sound like a million other books that have been written about how to be an effective witness, but I assure you it is unlike any other book on the subject you will find. It really will help you to talk about your faith more naturally in your every day conversations. I believe Christians need to do a radical rethink about the way we share our faith in an increasingly hostile world. I also write as someone who is sometimes timid when it comes to witnessing. I think you will find the book refreshing and inspiring!

How can you speak about your faith in a world that insists on tolerance and frowns upon attempted conversion? Believing Out Loud explains how Christians can share their faith with integrity and confidence in an increasingly hostile world. It is an intensely practical book, brimming with simple suggestions and filled with wit and wisdom. It calls Christians not to do evangelism, but to be who they already are in Christ. It calls them to simply believe out loud, unashamedly and naturally.

“It is written: ‘I believe; therefore I have spoken.’ Since we have that same Spirit of faith, we also believe and therefore we speak.” – The Apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 4:13)


Here are some excellent early reviews of the book:

“Kevin who?” – The bloke who lives up the road.

“Do I really have to read this?” – my grandmother.

“You really should get a proper job, dear” – my mother.

You can buy the book now from all major online retail distributors, but it is easiest (and cheapest) to purchase it directly from this website. Simply click any of the book images in this post and follow the prompts.