Updated Course on Welcoming

Hi readers!

This is just a quick post to let you know that I have updated my course, “Becoming a Welcoming Church”, on my Smartfaith.net website. It is a two session course designed to help churches effectively welcome newcomers. The course would be useful for training a welcoming team, or even training your whole church! My experience of visiting many different churches as a guest speaker is that most churches think they are very welcoming, but many are not. The course has facilitator notes for the person leading it and participants’ notes. I am also planning (at some stage soon) to upload a video of me presenting the course, for any churches who want my ugly mug on the screen instead of a local facilitator. You can access the course resources from the “Courses” dropdown menu on my website, or just click the link below:

Becoming a Welcoming Church

Bless you!