Ministry Update From Kevin

(I really should update my photo: I look older and greyer than this now!)

You might have noticed that I was largely absent from online ministry during the last half of 2022. That is because I am currently co-authoring a new book with Dr. Keith Farmer, Principal Emeritus of the Australian College of Ministry. The book is about character-based Christian leadership and it is now entering its final stages – almost ready for final editing and polishing. Now that the bulk of the work is done, I am resurfacing to re-engage with some other ministry activities, including my ongoing voluntary role as Ministry Consultant for the Bathurst Diocese of the Anglican Church. Here are a few upcoming ministry projects and appointments on my near horizon:

  • I am currently writing a training module called “Becoming a Welcoming Church”. This is a resource that will soon be made available for churches across the Bathurst Diocese.
  • Presenting a seminar / workshop in May at the Annual Conference of the Bathurst Diocese.
  • Helping to formulate and occasionally lead the new “416 Program” in the Bathurst Diocese. This is a program that involves bi-monthly meetings of all ministers to encourage and assist them in their spiritual growth and in the ongoing maturity of their Christian characters, in accordance with 1 Timothy 4:16, “Watch your life and doctrine closely …
  • Helping to lead and provide input for the monthly “New Ministers Meetings”, which aim to encourage and facilitate newly appointed ministers as they start out in their first year of ministry within the Diocese.
  • Taking part in the annual Clergy Retreat in May
  • Several preaching and speaking engagements in the Bathurst Diocese during May
  • I have been asked to write several articles for the magazine, My Christian Daily, over the coming months.
  • I hope to be able to publish more regular posts on my SmartFaith blog this year.
  • I also have a rather loose goal of writing a sequel to my novel, Someone Else’s Life, sometime. This is in response to repeated and regular requests from my readers. Maybe this year? Not sure.
  • I also have another book percolating through my brain that I would like to start this year if possible: “Believing Out Loud: Helping Timid Christians Share Their Faith With Confidence and Clarity”

So that’s my update. We’ll see how much of this I actually achieve by the end of the year! One of the complicating factors is that our home is currently for sale and if we find a buyer we will be moving to the mid-north coast of NSW. If and when that happens it will gobble several months of the year when I will have some pressing practical issues to focus on.

May each of you know the joy of the Lord as you seek to honour and serve Him in this new year. Bless you!