Paperback Now Available

Hi again.

Just an update regarding my latest book, “7 Reasons to Believe”. The paperback version of the book is now available! Australian buyers can purchase the paperback directly from my website,, at the discount price of $15 plus postage. International buyers will have to purchase the paperback version from Amazon or other online retailers. All eBook formats can be purchased from for just $5.99 (Aus).

Here is the blurb from the back cover of the book:

“7 Reasons to Believe is a clear, powerful presentation of the seven most persuasive arguments for the existence of God. Compelling evidence is examined from the fields of science, history and personal experience. Peppered with wit, brimming with meticulously-researched facts, and presented with clear, unassailable logic, this book will challenge even the most hardened sceptics and will strengthen the faith of those who already believe.”



“This book is compelling, regardless of the stance you take at the beginning … I would recommend this book for believers and non-believers as well … The evidence certainly can’t be ignored.” (John Padgett)

“The clearest, most up-to-date defence of the existence of God and the truth of the Christian message that I have read. I dare you to read this book and still be unconvinced!” (Amazon Reviewer)