Today is the official launch of my latest book, “7 Reasons to Believe”. It is is a clear, powerful presentation of the seven most persuasive arguments for the existence of God. Compelling evidence is examined from the fields of science, history and personal experience. Peppered with wit, brimming with meticulously-researched facts, and presented with clear, unassailable logic, this book will challenge even the most hardened sceptics and will strengthen the faith of those who already believe.


“This book is compelling, regardless of the stance you take at the beginning … I would recommend this book for believers and non-believers as well … The evidence certainly can’t be ignored.” (John Padgett)

“The clearest, most up-to-date defence of the existence of God and the truth of the Christian message that I have read. I dare you to read this book and still be unconvinced!” (Amazon Reviewer)


To give you a taste of what to expect, here is the Preface of the book:

“This is a book I have wanted to write for a long time. It examines the seven most persuasive pieces of evidence for the existence of God. While it is primarily aimed at people who are not yet Christians, it will also help those who already believe, to strengthen their own faith and equip them to more confidently share that faith with others.

The evidence presented in this book is drawn from the areas of science, history and personal experience. The evidence that is science-based is necessarily technical (although it will be explained CLEARLY for the average reader). There would be no point trying to summarise or simplify the technical evidence, because to do so would detract from its compelling nature and open the door for intellectual sceptics to label the arguments as shallow and naïve.

Small portions of the evidence that I present in this book have appeared in slightly different forms in some of my other books. For instance, some of the scientific arguments have appeared in No More Monkey Business: Evolution in Crisis. Similarly, some of the points I make in the chapter on historical evidence are echoes of points made in my first book, Finding God When He Seems to Be Hiding.

But most of the book is brand new material, and even those arguments that have appeared in other books have been significantly updated.

In many ways, this book is the sequel to Finding God When He Seems to Be Hiding. That book dealt with answering the questions and objections against Christianity that are commonly posed by sceptics. It dealt with the negative roadblocks that stop many people even considering Christianity. This book, 7 Reasons To Believe, deals with the positive evidence for Christianity. The two books are perfect companions and together form a powerful defence of the Christian faith. In a sense, this book picks up where Finding God left off. It effectively says, “Now that you’ve had your objections answered and you are ready to consider Christianity with an open mind, here is the compelling evidence for the existence of God and the truth of the Christian message.”

It is my hope and prayer that 7 Reasons to Believe will be a great blessing to you and to all who seek the truth.”


7 Reasons To Believe is available as a paperback and as an eBook in various formats.

EBOOK: SmartFaith.net is the cheapest place to purchase the eBook (although it is also available on Amazon if you want to pay more money!)

PAPERBACK: SmartFaith.net is also the cheapest place to purchase the paperback version, but this is only available for Australian purchasers, as SmartFaith does not post overseas. International purchasers must purchase the paperback from Amazon or their favourite online book retailer. (Delivery time for Australian buyers is about 10 days. For Amazon buyers, delivery time is several weeks).