I have recently had several people ask me what new writing projects I have in the pipeline, so I thought I would give a very brief outline of books I am planning on writing over the next few years:


In terms of my Christian non-fiction writing, I have started mapping out a seven-book series. Each book deals with seven issues on a particular theme:

– SEVEN REASONS to Believe in God

– SEVEN CHALLENGES for the Modern Church

– SEVEN MYSTERIES of the Christian Faith

– SEVEN ANSWERS to Sceptics’ Questions

– SEVEN HEROES of the Bible

– SEVEN SAINTS of Church History

– SEVEN PRINCIPLES from the Teachings of Jesus

Don’t ask me why I chose the number seven! Obviously, it has numerological significance as a symbol for God’s perfection (as often displayed in Apocalyptic writing), but I also just like the number!


I am currently in the final stage of publishing my new fiction novel, ‘Someone Else’s Life’ – a crime thriller set in California. It will be published and available worldwide in about two weeks. In response to the already overwhelmingly positive feedback from my Advance Reader Team and my editors, a follow-up novel, using the same characters, appears quite likely. I am currently brainstorming ideas for that story.


At the same time, I am currently working on converting all five of my current fiction novels into audiobooks:

– I have hired a professional narrator to narrate the new book, ‘Someone Else’s Life’, as it needed an American accent. I am hoping this audiobook will be available within the next 4 – 6 weeks.

– Meanwhile, I am producing audiobooks for the four STARPATH novels myself. This involves recording the narration, mixing, mastering and formatting the audiobooks myself. I have almost finished the narration of the first book, ‘The Stars That Beckon’, and hope to have that audiobook mastered, formatted and published within about 4 – 6 weeks.

Apart from all that, I’m just lazing around doing nothing!

Bless you!