In Case You Didn’t Understand …

In case you didn’t understand the meaning of my previous post …

Like most reasonable people, I am outraged at the appallingly racist attitudes against people of colour that are still entrenched within western society. My previous post, however, was a piece of satire pointing out the ridiculous extrapolations that many “Black Lives Matter” campaigners are making. They are taking a valid concern and cheapening it by widening their campaign to embrace an array of issues that are at times, irrelevant, and at other times, completely counter-productive to their cause. What began as a movement to address a deeply disturbing issue, has been swept up in a wave of mass-hysteria to include a number of issues and forms of expression that are mindlessly simplistic and completely unhelpful. If you had read my previous posts on this subject, both here and on my Facebook page, “Reflections on Faith and Life”, you would know that I am deeply supportive of the Black Lives Matter campaign. We need to stand against racism in all its ugly forms. But I am utterly opposed to the juvenile mass-hysteria witch-hunt that the current campaign has generated and which devalues the cause. My previous post was a nuanced satire ridiculing the current ridiculous excesses that have been spawned by the unthinking masses.


  1. Harold E Welsh

    Much like the over zealous Cults through the years those that worship at the leftist altar of the perpetually offended have no appreciation of satire or sense of humour. Of course there is no forgiveness or redemption at that altar either only condemnation, but that’s another story.

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