THE STARS THAT BECKON has finally been published and is now for sale globally!

For a few short days I am setting the eBook price at US $0.99c (on The paperback version is available via your favourite book retailer at about $19.99.

Can I encourage you to consider buying the eBook version while it is at such a low price? Every eBook purchased over these first few days, even at $0.99c, will impact Amazon’s algorithms and boost the book’s rankings.  At this price I only get a couple of cents per eBook, so it’s not really about the money – it’s about getting the book into the secular market place, as it has a gentle Christian sub-plot that portrays faith in God positively. I am very keen to reach readers who would not consider reading my overtly Christian non-fiction books. The book will only be at $0.99c for a couple of days, after which the price will increase considerably.

You may not be a fan of science fiction, or perhaps you have never ready any before, but let me assure you that there are no aliens or flying saucers in this novel. It is “hard science fiction”, meaning that it is based upon current and reasonably predicted future technology. It is an action-packed, adventure story set around the future colonisation of another planet.

If you have never bought or read an eBook before, it is very simple. Just go to and type in “The Stars That Beckon” and follow the prompts to purchase it for US $0.99c. Or just click this link:

The book will be downloaded to your device as a Kindle eBook (in mobi format). You can read this on any computer, phone, ipad or tablet, using the free Kindle app that is easily downloadable for that device. The app can be downloaded from a link on my book’s Amazon page as well as the usual app download sites.

I hope you will consider purchasing the eBook, and I would LOVE to hear back from you with any feedback. Perhaps this could be part of your holiday reading. I hope you have a blessed and joyful Christmas!


BOOK 1 in the highly acclaimed StarPath series.

A dying world. A desperate mission. An unlikely hero.

In the normal course of events, Zac Perryman was destined to live an unremarkable life and die without leaving more than the faintest ripple in the ocean of humanity’s existence. But the normal course of events is about to be rudely interrupted. As he sleeps past his alarm on a warm February morning, events are conspiring to derail his ordinary life and sweep him up into a tsunami of cosmic proportions.

Zac becomes part of ragged band of desperate survivors who are forced to flee from a dying Earth in search of a new home. Leaving behind a planet that has been decimated by global catastrophe, they set course for a distant star system on board mankind’s only surviving starship. But the universe plays a cruel joke on them. Awakening from cryogenic stasis, they discover that they have not only travelled through space, but through time as well. Now facing even deadlier threats from a strange world, as well as traitors in their midst, their battle for survival is only just beginning. An exciting, intelligent, fast-paced adventure that spans the galaxy.