As each year goes by, I am increasingly conscious of how short my life is and how my primary calling is to point others to God. I don’t know whether this is true for you, but the older I get, the less I want to tip-toe around: I find that I am becoming increasingly bold about sharing my faith. Of course, in a world that is increasingly hostile to the Christian message, this is becoming increasingly difficult. But Christmas is the one time of the year when we are effectively invited to celebrate our faith. I want to encourage you to think about giving a Christmas gift this year that has some kind of Christian message. I don’t mean anything as unsubtle as a gospel tract or a Bible. (I once gave a close family member a Bible for Christmas and he got very angry with me!)

There are other kinds of gifts that are more acceptable but which still convey a thought-provoking, gentle Christian message.

Without appearing to be flogging my own books, can I point you towards my newly-released book, “Welcome To The Universe: A Pocket Guide For Visitors”? (Although it is not really pocket sized: it is a normal paperback size and about 114 pages).

“Welcome To The Universe” is a book explaining the wonders of the universe. With over 100 stunning photographs and packed full of mind-boggling facts, it describes the incredible size and wonder of our solar system, the various planets, our galaxy and the unimaginable vastness of the universe. It also examines the many challenges of space flight, particularly in our desire to travel to other worlds and eventually colonise them. It also briefly deals with the question, “Do aliens exist?”, looking at the current evidence from astronomy and cosmology.

It is written to appeal to a broad audience, and the first 8 chapters are simply an examination of the amazing size and complexity of the universe, accompanied by many beautiful photographs. But in the last two chapters I have gently pointed the reader to consider the cosmological evidence pointing to the existence of a creator. The last two chapters are “The Uniqueness of Earth” and “Who Made The Universe?”.

Perhaps this kind of book is something you could give to that friend or relative who does not yet believe in God?

At the moment the book is only available through Amazon.com. It is in the following formats:

EBOOK: $1.99


COLOUR PAPERBACK: $18.99 (Yes – it is THAT much more expensive to print in colour!)

(I think these prices are in US dollars).

The EBOOK is also available for FREE to anyone who joins my mailing list on my author webpage, kevinsimington.com.

Anyway, there is a suggestion for you. I get almost nothing from Amazon at these prices, and I certainly didn’t write the book to make money. My heart’s desire is the see sceptics become believers and to see the lost saved.

Blessings to you in this joyous season!