Book Launch


I writing to invite you to be part of the next phase of my literary journey.

Over the last 18 months I have written a science fiction trilogy; the Starpath Series. All three books are finished, the artwork has been completed, and the first book is nearing publication after being professionally edited by a highly-regarded science fiction editor in Canada. (She has been extremely affirming, telling me that she thinks the novel has the potential to be very successful.) I will be launching the first book, “The Stars That Beckon”, in about 4 weeks.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? (I can hear you asking the question!)

I have been an ardent science fiction fan for over 40 years, and have had an idea for a novel percolating around for a long time. In particular I have wanted to write a science fiction story that portrays faith in God as reasonable and intellectually defensible. A large proportion of sci fi is strongly atheistic, grounded in evolutionary philosophy. I am hoping to be an influential Christian voice within that genre. Consequently, my trilogy has a subtle Christian subplot. One of the main characters is an intelligent Christian who, throughout the course of the story, has several gentle conversations where he defends his faith.

Of course, as soon as I mention the term “science fiction”, many people are immediately turned off, because they tend to think of silly stories about aliens. Stories with three-headed aliens and spaceships that defy the laws of physics belong to a sub-genre called “soft science fiction” and includes such stories as Star Wars, Star Trek and many others. I am not writing in that genre. My books sit within the genre known as “hard science fiction”. Hard science fiction is simply fiction that is set in the future and which necessarily involves technology that can be reasonably extrapolated from today’s technology. The recent movies, Mars, Interstellar and Passenger, are examples of hard science fiction. You won’t find any three-headed aliens in my books!

My Starpath trilogy is primarily a fast-paced action series describing the colonisation of another planet by a desperate bunch of survivors who flee some catastrophic events on earth. Woven into the narrative, however, will be some strong Christian principles:

  • the value and importance of life-long marriage
  • the importance of honesty and integrity
  • the ongoing battle between good and evil
  • a subtle defence of the existence of God


I am currently looking for people to join my Advance Reader Team. These will be people to whom I will send a FREE (yes, FREE) pre-launch eBook copy of my novel. I will ask my Advance Reader Team to read the novel within about 2 weeks and provide me with feedback. In particular, I am looking for any typos that have slipped through the net, plus any obvious plot holes or characterisation that doesn’t work. Almost all authors have Advance Reader Teams who provide very valuable assistance in polishing the final draft of their books prior to launch.

As well as receiving a FREE pre-launch copy, my Advance Reader Team will also be advised of a 24 hour soft launch period when I will make the final published ebook available for $0.99c before it  increases to its final retail price at the hard launch. Team members will also be invited to leave a review of my book on Amazon within the first two days of its launch, although this is by no means “compulsory”.


There are two levels of involvement I am inviting you to consider:

Firstly, even if you aren’t interested in being on the Advance Reader Team, you can still join my mailing list on my new fiction website, This is the website that will deal exclusively with my fiction books and will provide occasional information about new releases, special offers and discounts. By doing this you won’t be expected to do anything more, and I will only send very occasional emails – for instance, when a book is about to be released.

Secondly, I would love you to consider being on my Advance Reader Team. The first step is simply to join my mailing list on, the same as the people above. Everyone who joins the general mailing list will receive a welcome email. That email will include a link to click if you want to join the Advance Reader Team. Simply click that link and you will receive further instructions. I will be sending out the FREE advance copy of my first novel within the next week or so.

I hope you will at least join the mailing list for I promise I won’t inundate you with emails!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Kevin Simington