The Absurdity of Changeable Gender


Last week a man who says he now identifies as a woman was awarded the 2019 Woman Cricket Player of the Year, in Kent, England. Maxine Blythin is 183 cm tall, with an athletic male build, and has been scoring an average of 124 runs this season. Blynth has been allowed to play in the women’s league by the English and Wales Cricket Board even though he doesn’t have lowered testosterone levels, hasn’t had gender reassignment surgery, and has not had to produce any evidence of formal gender transition. He has simply grown his hair long and announced to the world that he thinks he is a girl.

It is hardly surprising that Max (now Maxine) is going to do very well in the women’s league, which uses lighter and smaller cricket balls, lighter bats and has shorter boundaries. Max also has the natural biological advantages of being over 6 foot tall and having greater speed and strength than most of the women he is competing against. Max is literally smashing it out of the park.

The current rules for gender identity within English cricket don’t require a person to submit any formal proof of gender transition. The various cricket boards simply accept gender self-identification. Many of the women playing against Max have begun to speak out against this ludicrous state of affairs. One female social commentator, on the website, “Fair Play for Women”, writes:

“People laugh when we say that one day women’s sports teams will only consist of just male ‘women’. No female women will get a look in when the teams get selected. Women will be on the bench watching their own sport played by second-rate males.”

Society’s current push to be non-judgmental and non-discriminatory is leading us down a path towards complete absurdity. You can now declare yourself to be anything you want to be, and no one has the right to tell you that you are wrong. Twenty years ago, a man who said he believed he was really a woman would be sent to counselling. Today we are all being asked to pretend that it is true and ignore the basic, indisputable biological evidence that is before our very eyes.

Because the fact remains, that even if Max (Maxine) underwent a full course of hormone replacement therapy, and even had gender reassignment surgery, EVERY CELL IN HIS BODY WOULD STILL BE XY CHROMOSOME – NOT XX! Every single cell in Max’s body is screaming out “This is a man!”. A person such as Max can supress his testosterone with drugs and can even pay a surgeon to chop off his wobbly bits, but he remains a male at the cellular level. And this has implications for the ratios of fast-twitch to slow-twitch muscle fibres in his body, along with a whole range of other physiological characteristics that differentiate men from women.

The commentator on the Fair Play for Women website is correct in voicing her concern. If we continue to allow this ludicrous state of affairs to persist, the day will come when women’s Olympic events will be competed solely by men who have taken a course of hormones. We may need to split women’s events into two categories: real women, and men who think they’re women.

Of course, this leads us to consider the thorny question, “What causes a man to think he is a woman?”

I’m going to address that in my next post.


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    • Not at all. He’s a bloke with low testosterone. The solution is not to change a bloke into a woman – the solution is for him to receive testosterone supplementation.