A number of Christian books that portray a biblical approach to morality have recently been removed from Amazon’s platform, while the online giant continues to sell books that promote paedophilia. Two Christian authors whose books document their journey from homosexuality as Jesus transformed their sexual identity have had their books removed, with Amazon claiming that they were “in violation of our content guidelines”.

One of the authors, Anne Paulk, Executive Director of Restored Hope Network, wrote the book, “Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction”. Pastoral counsellor, Joe Dallas, wrote the book “Desires in Conflict: Hope for Men Who Struggle with Sexual Identity”. Neither book denigrated homosexuals, nor used any kind of discriminatory language, yet both have been removed, simply because they offer a Christian viewpoint on morality.

Shockingly, Amazon continues to sell books which openly promote paedophilia. These books include:

* “Paedophilia and Adult-Child Sex: A Philosophical Analysis” by Stephen Kershnar, which defends paedophilia as a socially acceptable practice.

* “Daddy, This Is So Wrong: A Big Collection of Taboo Short Stories”, which is a collection of sick stories about paedophilia.

Despite this blatant, sick double standard, Amazon continues to pull Christian books from its shelves. Other Christian books that have recently been removed include:

* “Growth into Manhood: Resuming The Journey” by Alan Medinger

* “Achieving Heterosexuality: A Universal, Scientific, and Faith-Based Perspective” by Marie Davidson

* “Straight Talk About Homosexuality” by Richard Cohen

* “Orientation and Choice: One Man’s Sexual Journey” by Catholic attorney, David A. Robinson.

None of these books denigrated homosexuals. None of them were judgmental. They simply promoted an alternate Christian viewpoint and documented the cases of people who had successfully left behind their homosexual lifestyles after placing their faith in Jesus.

Speaking of Amazon’s hypocrisy, author Anne Paulk recently said, “It is appalling that Amazon has banned books detailing how one struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction can overcome those feelings and transform his or her sexuality in a biblical fashion, while thinking nothing of selling books that celebrate the kind of deviancy Jeffrey Epstein was charged with.

She’s right. It is appalling. What sort of sick society prefers the twisted writings of paedophiles, to the respectful writings of people promoting wholesome Christian values?

One of the marks of a mature, democratic society is its ability to tolerate different viewpoints and allow respectful dialogue regarding a variety of beliefs. The current wave of repressive censorship, however, is more reflective of a moral and philosophical dictatorship. Shutting down debate, squashing alternative viewpoints and insisting on adherence to a single narrow dogma is the mark of a repressive regime – one that I never envisaged seeing in a western democracy.





2 Replies to “AMAZON OUTRAGE”

  1. So is there some united pushback on this?
    Canceling my Prime membership is not enough nor what I want to do.
    I want a conservative Christian worldview to be it the public square. Not because it’s “right” but because it’s not hate speech and is as least as clearly articulated and thought through as any the other position.

  2. Hi Michael. I am not aware of any organised push back, but I suspect that as more concerned Christians and free speech advocates blog about this, Amazon will have to take notice. There is certainly a clear anti-Christian bias being demonstrated by Amazon at the moment which should not be tolerated in an open and democratic society.