Many of you have read one or both of my first two books – “Finding God When He Seems To Be Hiding” and “Making Sense of the Bible: Surprising Insights That Will Change Your Perspective”.

I have had huge amounts of positive feedback from readers of both books, including testimonies of changed lives and conversions. But there are very few online reviews of the books. So here is a special offer:

For anyone who writes an online review of either book, I will send a FREE (yes, FREE) eBook copy of my upcoming 4th book, “The Light From The Stars”. (My 3rd book, “No More Monkey Business: Evolution in Crisis”, is about to be launched in the next month or so). “The Light From The Stars” is a fiction novel set slightly in the future. It has an action packed, intriguing plot-line, some fascinating characters and a gentle sub-plot running through it of the central protagonist’s journey towards faith in God. It is somewhat along the lines of C.S. Lewis’s lesser known trilogy, “Out of the Silent Planet.” The novel is 75% written and will probably be published in about 6 months.

So, for anyone who wants a free eBook copy of the novel (in about 6 months), just write an online review of one of my first two books. The best places to write reviews are:

– (for “Finding God When He Seems To Be Hiding” only)
– (for both books)

Writing a review is really easy on these websites. Just find the book by typing the name in a search box, then click on a tab to write a review. When you have successfully posted a review, send me a message with your email address and I will send you the eBook when it is finished.

For those who haven’t read either book yet, here is a brief summary of each:

Intelligent answers to profound questions.
This book provides intelligent answers to the 12 most common objections raised against Christianity by sceptics and atheists, including: 
– The problem of suffering
– The supposed lack of evidence for God’s existence
– Why isn’t God more obvious?
– Hasn’t evolution disproved God and the creation story?
– The problem of the origin of evil
– The torment of hell and the existence of a loving God
– Hypocrisy and Christian abuse
– God-ordained killing in the Bible
– and more …

This book is pitched at the intelligent atheist, and provides answers that move beyond the standard, superficial answers that are often presented. One reviewer on states that this is the best book on apologetics he has ever read! (He really needs to get out more!)

This book will change the way you read the Bible! It provides fresh and, at times, surprising insights into the nature of the Bible, and will assist you to apply its message accurately and intelligently. “Making Sense of the Bible” will take you on a fascinating journey of discovery. It explores the Bible’s remarkable development, from original text to modern translation, and will help you to develop a deeper appreciation of its divine inspiration. It examines the many complex cultural and contextual issues which need to be understood in order to accurately apply the Bible’s message, such as the difference between the two covenants, the nature of progressive revelation and the need to read the Bible through the lens of its Christological metanarrative. What sets “Making Sense of the Bible” apart from similar books, is its intensely practical nature. Commonly misinterpreted doctrines are explored in detail, and important principles of interpretation are applied. This book is a must for ordinary Bible readers and serious students alike.

The cheapest place to buy my books is direct from my website: The books are AUS $20 each plus postage. Otherwise:

– = AUS $22.99 plus postage (“Finding God”only)
– Amazon = AUS $21.99 and $26.99 plus postage

eBook versions are also available for $10 on my website:

Have a blessed day everyone!