It’s Finished!

After many months of research and writing, the final draft of my new book, “No More Monkey Business: Evolution in Crisis”, is finished! What a relief! It’s been a huge project. It is a comprehensive analysis of the current overwhelming scientific evidence contradicting evolutionary theory and supporting a creationist viewpoint. It documents the growing number of scientists abandoning the theory of evolution, on purely scientific grounds, and provides stunning new evidence of the creative handiwork of God in the formation of the universe. Now there is just a month or so of formatting and digitising and it will be coming hot off the press. Watch this space. The artwork is finished and I’m really happy with it.


4 Replies to “It’s Finished!”

  1. Well done bro🤡 Enjoying your posts re election n Folau too. Perhaps God might use this Israel to call upon believers to have a conversation or two apologetically examining his stance🤡👍Phil L

    • Thanks Phil. Yes. This issue should cause us all to really think about how any Christian should go about being a witness. What stance do we take on sin? How do we present the gospel without seeming to be judgmental? It does open up some really important discussions.

  2. Wonderful, another great tool in the hands of anyone willing to speak up.
    I am eagerly looking forward to getting my copy too.