A Reluctant Post About The Australian Election

You might have noticed that I have refrained from posting anything about the upcoming election. I am extremely reluctant to voice a public opinion, because I believe in the right of each individual to choose for themselves. This post is not intended to convince you to vote one way or another. But I do want to share some information that you might want to consider.

There are some things I like about official Labor policies:
– Their stated intention of increasing overseas aid.
– Their stated intention to do more to protect the environment (although I am not convinced that all their policies in this direction make sense).
– Their concern for the poor and the marginalised.

However, there are four issues that deeply concern me as a Christian. Ian Powell posted a similar list recently and I want to add my voice of concern.

1. Labor’s stated intention to make abortion easier and more accessible. Some of their statements over the last few years have indicated their strong belief in the right of mothers to kill their unborn children.

2. Labor’s commitment to removing the exemption clause to the anti-discrimination act. That exemption clause is crucial, because it currently allows religious organisations to select prospective employees on the basis of their religious beliefs. Over the last few years, Labor have consistently stated their aim to remove that exemption clause. This would mean that Christian schools, churches and other religious organisations would no longer be allowed to insist that employees share their Christian beliefs and values.

3. Labor’s ongoing push towards legitimising and normalising the LGBTQI movement. In recent years they have strongly endorsed the “Safe Schools” curriculum, which is a thinly veiled attempt to normalise sexuality that is contrary to biblical values. I have investigated this curriculum in detail, and it is shocking. In this curriculum, students in years 7 and 8 are asked to role play being in a same sex relationship, and they are directed towards the “Minus18” website which blatantly endorses and encourages under-age children (hence “Minus18”) to consider homosexuality as a desirable lifestyle. The relevant Labor shadow-ministers have, over the last few years, indicated a strong desire to promote and accelerate this kind of sex education within our school system.

4. Freedom of speech. Over the last few years, Labor have expressed a consistent desire to strengthen existing anti-discrimination laws and introduce a Federal set of laws limiting our ability to express diverse opinions on matters of religion and morality. (Currently anti-discrimination laws are a state matter, not Federal). Already in Tasmania, in the lead up to the same sex marriage plebiscite, two baptist ministers and an Anglican minister were hauled before the anti-discrimination tribunal for preaching IN THEIR OWN CHURCHES that the Bible teaches that marriage is only between a man and a woman. If you have taken note of ministerial comments by Federal Labor politicians in recent years, you will be aware of Labor’s determination to completely shut down this kind of freedom of speech which opposes their own humanistic / secular agenda.

LET ME BE CLEAR. I have been a swing voter for most of my life. In fact, I have probably voted for Labor more than Liberal or any other party over the years. But I can no longer, in good conscience, vote for the Labor Party. While some of their economic policies have some merit, I cannot ignore their overwhelming agenda of secular humanism which makes them untenable to me as a Christian.

BE AWARE. I believe we are living at the cusp of the biggest social change in the history of our young nation; a revolution that is radically re-shaping our views on family, sexuality, morality and freedom of speech. And Labor have a clearly stated agenda to accelerate us down that pathway – a pathway that is leading us further away from the values and ethics of the Bible.

I am not saying I will necessarily vote Liberal at this election. I may do so, but I am still considering all the options, including the several Christian minority parties. Nor am I trying to tell you how to vote. But I do think that you should consider the moral, ethical, religious and social policies of political parties, and not just their economic ones.

There. I’ve had my say. Over to you.

8 Replies to “A Reluctant Post About The Australian Election”

  1. While I still have the freedom here to agree with everything you have stated and I believe even worse consequences coming if we elect non Christian leaders,I reckon even our posts will be hacked and we will be followed up and persecuted as Christians. History proves it.

  2. There are more matters of concern if Labour is elected.
    These are: There is to be a National Gender Centre, A Commissioner for Sexual Orientation and Gender Equality. No one will be allowed to speak against this ideology. Anyone wishing to have gender assignment cannot be given advice that could help them change their mind. Doctors, counsellors, pastors, school teachers, the media etc. All are to advise this is right for the person seeking gender reassignment. If a doctor will not perform the surgery because he/she disagrees with the ideology they could be penalised with de-registration.
    Labour will be broadening the euthanasia laws as well.
    Unfortunately this aspect of Labour and The Greens policies has not been spoken about generally.
    It has been raised by The Institute of Public Affairs, Australian Christian Lobby, Australian Conservatives, Alan Jones and Peta Credlin. Alan Jones from 2GB and on Sky was very vocal against this ideology and was concerned for the children who will seek advice. None can be given except to help them go ahead with the gender reassignment

  3. What the left here and throughout the western world is saying is they want tolerance. However what they actually want is acceptance and their idea of tolerance is to force you to accept their point of view. The time is coming when Christians are going to have to stand up and face the real persecution which is coming. We are not going to be tossed to the lions but we are going to face government imposed pressure to remain silent and meekly accept what we are told. That time will certainly seperate the wheat from the chaff.

    • Thanks Harold. Yes,tolerance means allowing a diversity of views to be held and expressed. What the left is demanding is not tolerance, but uniformity. It is certainly very concerning.

  4. My preference ( and that is why I like preferential voting). is ALWAYS to seek the. local candidate who is a professing Christian . ( Just get to know them personally first). Give them the first vote as this. shows the electorate you prefer a. Christian to represent you. While they may not get elected, their first vote is all that counts, anything less than a primary vote means nothing. then and they have wasted their time campaigning. After that you number the person you LEAST. want to. be elected and so. on up the list. until. you find the person who is your second preference. Once your first vote is. distributed to from your Christian first vote , you. are then directing your preference vote to the ” best of the bad bunch”. As I have heard it said. As Kevin said, a vote for Labor is not. a vote for the environment, it is a vote to limit your vote for freedom especially what you have to say, write, post or even sing in church. As I see. so many people confused about voting, the fear that grips them worries me. If only they knew about the change that Jesus can make on the inside, about worrying about the change that. others are trying to make on the outside world around them. There! My political say done. ( I hope. ScoMo is still PM. on Sunday)

    • I agree wholeheartedly Stuart. I will also be voting for the Christian candidates first.