Five Minutes of Fame

I have a strange offer for you.

You are probably going to think I’ve gone loopy, but here it is.

I am in the process of writing a science fiction novel, and I am wondering if any of you would like to have your name immortalised as one of the characters. I told you it was a strange offer!

I have had a plot in mind for a sci fi novel for a long time, and I have finally gotten around to starting it. I’m currently up to Chapter 5. It’s not going to be the silly kind of science fiction with two headed aliens and monsters from the planet Glubdub. It is a futuristic fiction story involving space colonisation. Interspersed throughout the story will also be a subtle sub-plot of the central protagonist’s journey towards faith in God. The book is called “The Light From The Stars”, and, if it is successful, will be the first in a trilogy (along the lines of C.S. Lewis’s famous sci fi trilogy “Out of the Silent Planet”). At this stage I am planning on releasing it as an eBook only, sometime early next year. I am also considering making it free for the first 48 hours of its release, to boost it on the charts. 

If you would like one of my characters to have your name, simply email me. I can’t guarantee what kind of character I will choose for you. I might decide to make you an evil, deranged scientist. I might kill you off fairly quickly. I’m not joking – I’ve got a whole bunch of people I need to kill in Chapter 5! I might leave your lifeless body drifting forever through the emptiness of space. Or I might just atomise you in a nuclear explosion.  If so, don’t take offense – it’s nothing personal. A few lucky ones might even be chosen to survive and become central characters. But you won’t know until you read the book!

Anyway, just let me know. After all, it’s not every day you get to go to space.

Kevin Simington

6 Replies to “Five Minutes of Fame”

  1. Hi I am Phil and I would like literary fame as a sci fi dude? In your burgeoning SF creation🤡

  2. I feel that Natasha might be a good one! If you a need a “spy” like character ha ha, or just someone with a Russian background 😉

  3. Yes I am happy to be in it – if you decide to kill me quickly don’t make it too painful. I have a low pain threshold.